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Linkin Park Membicarakan ATS

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Ini adalah artikel tentang Linkin Park, yang dilakukan oleh Mexican online magazine The Informant. Mereka membicarakan ATS...

LOS ANGELES (31/JUL/2010) California band Linkin Park celebrates their 10th anniversary of their musical career with their September release of “A Thousand Suns”, the most experimental album to date from the ambassadors of rapcore.

The single “The Catalyst” serves as a precursor to the bands hard work and will debut on radios worldwide on August 2nd.

“We decided to do something different, use different instruments. I think our last album (“Minutes to Midnight”, 2007) was the beginning of our exploration of new sounds and with this one we push ourselves more to do something outside of what we are accustomed to.” Said drummer Rob Bourdon.

This experiment resulted in a compact product, which combines the lyrical and the “heavy”, that is still being mixed for its release on September 14.
“We found our objective,” affirmed a satisfied Bourdon, who invited Linkin Parks followers to listen to the album “from start to finish.”

“It will take you on a journey in which some songs are related to others, they complement each other. They are more impactful when you hear them all together,” said the percussionist, who along with his bandmates, is aware that their evolution may not be accepted by all their fans.

“We try not to preoccupy ourselves with what others could think when we work on our songs because it’s not productive,” commented singer Chester Bennington for him a decade after first publishing “Hybrid Theory” the group has matured.

“The music we make now is the result of putting pressure on ourselves to make something unique. We hope we no longer sound like the same band we were (when we started) because that is exactly what we didn’t want to occur during our career,” said Bennington.

The creators of songs like “Somewhere I Belong”, “Crawling”, and “In the End” justified their obsession to reinvent themselves for the good of the band because anything else “would be boring” and would not motivate them to make music, said Bourdon.

“A Thousand Suns” will be the fourth studio album from Linkin Park after "Hybrid Theory" (2000), "Meteora" (2003) and "Minutes to Midnight" (2007) and the second that they do under the supervision of Producer Rick Rubin, a specialist in hit records whose worked with artist like Johnny Cash and groups like Public Enemy, AC/DC, and U2.

“It’s taken a couple of years,” commented Bennington, who said that the album would be approximately 40 minutes in length.

“One of the big things about working with Rubin is that we don’t put a date on ourselves to finish the album. That (the process) takes as long as it takes. You have to let the things flow. It’s a fun and painless system, what happens takes time,” explained the vocalist.

This open approach led the group to allow the fans to complete the final piece to the puzzle of “A Thousand Suns.”

On their Myspace page, Linkin Park invited their fans to make their own version of the single “The Catalyst” giving them a base to work with and the plan being to include the track they like the most on the new album, a risky but exciting proposal.

“The idea scares me, it’s as if you are a painter and you tell someone else that they can paint in the corner of your canvas. You start thinking that it will end up wrong or it won’t be consistent with the rest of the picture,” said Bennington, a little optimistic.

“It is not smart to think that we will find something that will satisfy everyone, although to response from the people has been overwhelming. It could be that we have so much good material that the hard part will be the end deciding which is the best amongst it all.”

Linkin Park will begin its world tour on October 7 with a concert in Buenos Aires, which will be followed by performances in Santiago de Chile (October 9) and Sao Paulo (11 October), before heading to Europe where in principle is expected to pass through Spain.

“Our goal is to make more music more often. We are ready to go back to the studio in September, but we have to tour. We will try for the rest of our career to find a balance between being in the studio and being on the road.” Confessed Bennington.

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