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Bradford Phillip Delson's Trivia

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  • 'Brad' stands for Bradford.
  • Brad is Jewish.
  • Brad went to Agoura high school.
  • Brad is from Agoura,CA, but lives in the LA area now.
  • Brad graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. He didn't go onto law school so he could pursue his career in the band. 
  • Brad is not upset about choosing the band over law school because he'd be studying right now instead of playing in a successful band.
  • Brad and Phoenix were room-mates in college.
  • Brad calls himself "BIG BAD BRAD" or BBB, that's how he signs his name (BBB)
  • Brad likes MTV, in particular, The Real World (i hope this is a joke, lol).
  • Brad is a fan of Britney Spears and the rest of the band is embarrassed of him. (Since some people are dumb, I must clerify this...its most likely that he doesn't like her music as he would never ever want to collaborate with her..he's simply attracted to her like millions of other guys.)
  • Brad's first instrument was the trumpet.
  • Brad was also in a band with Rob. It was rock meets rap and funk, they were called 'Relative Degree'. They practiced a lot, played a show then it fell apart.
  • Brad's greatest obsession is sleeping.
  • Brad would never part with his toothbrush.
  • According to Brad,the strangest thing a fan has ever requested was linkin park's pubic hair. Fans in the UK actually brought tape to put it on. He previously said that the strangest request he ever got from a fan was to sign body parts that shouldn't be signed (ie. boobs, which they don't sign anymore,lol).
  • Every Christmas (or almost every xmas) Brad and his family hold a dinner in an auditorium for the homeless & Mike likes to help out.
  • Brad used to color his hair different colors (ie./ purple) in high school. 
  • Brad's career highlight so far was hearing "one step closer" on KROQ in LA.
  • The first time Brad heard 'One Step Closer' on the radio, it wasn't the full song, it was a clip of the song on a radio spot, and linkin park were all in the van together. 
  • Brad got his 1st guitar in (probably) 6th grade.
  • When Brad has 2 hrs off (from lp stuff) then he tries to find a movie theatre and see whatever he can.
  • 1st album that made an impression on Brad was Duran Duran's.
  • Brad's favorite album is Sunny Day Real Estate "Diary." 
  • Brad's musical role model is Chester :)
  • Brad's guitar heroes are: Dave Matthews, (Brad doesn't go for his tone but his musicality, his playing is ingenious), Stef from the Deftones, Sunny Day Real Estate and other non-guitar driven stuff. Brad prefers to listen to non-metal stuff like Dido rather then rock this way he can draw from a lot of sources and make something special.
  • Although Brad will NEVER reveal the real reason he wears his headphones on stage he did say this in a shoutweb interview: "I will say that it has something to do with the matrix. Not the movie, the actual matrix and being connected with it. Mr. Hahn has been rubbing off on me. I'm starting to integrate sci-fi humor into my schtick. It probably isn't too popular with a mass audience." LOL, "But I won't give him credit for the headphones. That's all mine."
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