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Tampilkan posting dengan label Joe Hahn. Tampilkan semua posting

29 Mei 2014

Trailer "Mall", Film Yang Disutradarai Oleh Joe Hahn

Masih ingatkan kalian pada tahun 2011 lalu ada kabar bawah Joe Hahn akan menyutradarai film berjudul "Mall"? Trailer film ini telah hadir di YouTube. Lihat trailernya berikut ini :

Film ini menampilkan musik dari Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda dan Phoenix of serta Alec Puro. Dalam trailer tersebut tampak terdengar Mike Shinoda berada dalam vokal.

Film "Mall" berada dalam listing Amazon Perancis dengan judul yang berbeda yaitu "A Day To Kill" yang dirilis tanggal 18 Juni nanti.

Joe akan memulai debut sebagai sutradara film layar lebar berjudul 'Mall'. Film ini diadaptasi dari sebuah novel berjudul sama dari penulis sekaligus aktor Eric Bogosian. Di film ini, Joe akan bekerja sama dengan beberapa artis seperti Vincent D’Nofrio (pemain dari Law & Order : Criminal Intent) dan Chelsea Handler.

Film ini bercerita tentang lima tokoh yang berbeda yang memiliki tujuan yang sama yaitu mendatangi sebuah Mall. Kelima tokoh tersebut memiliki karakter berbeda yaitu seorang pemuda penyendiri, seorang ibu rumah tangga yang jenuh, seorang pebisnis yang memikili masalah psikologi voyeuristik (kelainan psikologis dimana penderita suka mengintip/mematai-matai kegiatan seksual orang lain), seorang penjaga Mall tersebut dan seorang pecandu. Mereka berlima mendatangi mall di daerah suburban tersebut untuk mencari masalah. Lebih lengkah tentang 'Mall', bisa kamu baca di sini atau bisa melihatnya di IMDB.

Referensi via LPA

6 Okt 2013

Linkin Park Membuat Video Klip "A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES"

Berdasarkan akun Instagram milik Joe Hahn, tampaknya Linkin Park sedang membuat video klip "A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES", yang merupakan single dari album RECHARGED. Selain itu tampaknya ada kerja sama dengan Ghost Town Media (yang membuat visual efek di video-video klip dan art Linkin Park) dan DELL.

Working on the next video. Be prepared! @steveaoki @linkinpark #ghosttown #dell
Begitu kata Joe di Instagram-nya, dilanjut dengan berikut :

a light that never comes! #destroy

Bagaimana menurutmu?

2 Okt 2013

Interview Joe Hahn Di Rolling Stone

Baru-baru ini, Rolling Stone bersama Joe Hahn melakukan interview. Membicarakan tentang Transformers Soundwave, RECHARGED, LP RECHARGE, Stone Temple Pilots, film The Mall. kolaborasi untuk mendesain headphone bersama Skrillex, bagaimana Mike mulai menyukai EDM (Electronic dance music) sehingga berkolaborasi dengan Steve Aoki, dan lain-lain. Lihat interview selengkapnya berikut :

Klik Show Untuk Melihat Interview :

Linkin Park Keep Busy With New Remix Album, Video Game
DJ Joe Hahn designing new headphones with Skrillex

In the Linkin Park world, multi-tasking is the norm. Even when the band is not on tour or working on an album, things are moving at a hectic pace behind the scenes. The band currently has a new video game, LP Recharge, which includes the hit single "A Light That Never Comes" (with Steve Aoki), and the upcoming remix album Recharged.

Rolling Stone caught up with the band's Joe Hahn at his L.A. store Suru recently, where he was celebrating the band's limited edition Transformer, Soundwave. That conversation led to talk of the band's new album, frontman Chester Bennington's collaboration with Stone Temple Pilots and Hahn's upcoming headphones launch with Skrillex.

How did this action figure come about?
We met with this guy from Division Agency and he's working with Hasbro and working with cool collaborations. We always said if we ever did a Transformer collab we wanted to do it with Soundwaves. We grew up with Transformers, and the reason we worked with the movies was we had the nostalgia for all that stuff.

Are you working with Rick Rubin again on the album?
I think so. We're just in the studio, we're at the beginning.

How did the single with Steve Aoki come about?
Mike [Shinoda] has been on this EDM kick for the last year and he's been hanging out with different EDM guys, like he did a day with Avicii, and he's been sending stuff back and forth with Aoki. This is the one that really stuck. He fleshed it out, brought it to the guys and we were into it. And it coincided with the game and also the album we're putting out, which is remixes of Living Things.

Are there any remixes on Recharged that really stood out to you?
Mike did one of my favorite ones, a hardcore version of "Victimized." Then Money Mark did something pretty crazy with "Until It Breaks." Rick Rubin actually did one ["A Light That Never Comes"].

Are you an EDM fan?
Yeah. The funny thing is today it's called EDM, but back in the day it was house, and now there's dubstep, which sounds nothing like what dubstep originally sounded like. Everything is crossing, which is cool, and now it's being widely marketed. I think it's interesting. We always combine styles of music and that's what everyone is doing now. It's fun to see.

Are there DJs you'd like to work with?
I would love to do something with Sonny [Skrillex]. I actually have a headphone I'm putting together, and the first edition is going to be a limited edition with Skrillex. That's in the works right now – hopefully at the end of the year, but most likely beginning of next year. I'm more involved with the actual design and sound. I really want to work with cool people, musicians and non-musicians, and do collaborations and keep it tight. I'm not trying to use a record label to market or a headphone company. It's just something cool I want to do. When you actually see it you'll know where the inspirations came from, especially after today's event. There's a transforming element to it.

That's another trademark of Linkin Park, everybody working in different areas.
The band is successful because it's a culmination of the six of us. We all bring different things to the table. But it's the life experiences that we have individually, and the more stuff we do individually the more it empowers the individual, which everyone benefits from. So when Chester did Dead by Sunrise and Mike did Fort Minor, they did really cool stuff which they wouldn't be able to do with the band necessarily. They got a lot of stuff out of their systems. But then when they came to the studio, they were fresh and had new ideas.

But Chester fronting STP is a totally different thing – that band is so established. How do you feel about it?
In high school we grew up listening to Stone Temple Pilots. For us these are the deities of rock. They're up there, so if someone asks you to do that, you just do it. Chester is such a great singer and for him to have the opportunity to go and sing with other people, we're appreciative of them for asking Chester to do it. I think on a spiritual level it works in so many ways, where it's not even about there being a benefit, it's just something that feels right, especially for Chester.

From the benefit standpoint, he is getting to work with two great songwriters in Robert and Dean DeLeo. Are you seeing new skills in his songwriting?
Especially recently, Chester's songwriting has been incredible. He'll come to the studio with some stuff where we're like, "How did that happen?" For him to flex that with Stone Temple Pilots or whoever, he's definitely a person that has a lot of stuff inside of him, and you can tell by watching him perform it's there and it needs to come out. You can't do that on one album – those 12 songs in two years.

How is all this stuff keeping you excited?
Mike and I went to art school together, so from an early point we understood that the creativity is not just one thing. And I think even stylistically in our music, you see back when we started that was a little different, but now it's normal. Everyone does it. Every genre is incorporating everything. When it comes to the visuals, I shot a film called Mall, and we're shopping that to the festivals next year, and everyone was really supportive of that.

Who was in the film?
Vincent D'Onofrio, Cameron Monaghan played the lead – he's from Shameless – this kid named James Frecheville, who was in Animal Kingdom, Gina Gershon. Mimi Rogers had a little cameo. A bunch of people – Peter Stormare.

What are your release plans?
We're looking for one of the first quarter festivals. Let it find a home, and hopefully after that people will get to go to a theater and see it.

Sumber : Rolling Stone.

16 Mei 2013

Linkin Park Membicarakan Album Baru (Video Interview)

Mike Shinoda dan Joe Hahn berbicara kepada Fuse, mereka berbicara terutama tentang album baru, Mike memang singkat menyebutkan bahwa mereka hanya memiliki satu tur untuk tahun ini, yaitu Asia Tour dan tidak ada tour lain (Eropa, Amerika Utara, dll). Joe mengatakan Linkin Park mencoba fresh, menantang diri, cobalah untuk tidak mengulangi apa yang mereka lakukan, Mike juga menyebutkan bahwa musik baru mungkin akan ada pada LPTV "dalam beberapa bulan ke depan". Mike tidak mengatakan secara rinci seperti apa album baru tersebut terdengar. Tapi sekarang Mike sedang menulis banyak musik. Saksikan video interview di bawah ini :

Bagaimana menurutmu? Silahkan berkomentar di grup kami.

Referensi : Fuse, MSC & LPA via Bram.

27 Mar 2013

LP Recharge Press Event Dengan Mike & Joe

Selain mempromosikan LIVING THINGS+ dan menghadiri Echo Awards 2013, pada awal kedatangan Mike Shinoda & Joe Hahn ke Berlin, Jerman, tepatnya tanggal 20 Maret. Mereka melakukan semacam konferensi pers tentang game LP Recharge bertempat di TRESOR Berlin. Lihat event-nya di bawah ini :

Game LP Recharge bercerita tentang dimana manusia telah kehabisan segala sumber daya energi di planet Bumi dan menjadi tandus. Ada sedikit energi namun dikuasai oleh mesin dan minoritas elit. Misi game ini "adalah mengisi ulang dunia dengan bersih", "recharge the world with clean" dan adanya ebergi berkelanjutan.

LP Recharge game berbasis flash web di Facebook.

Sumber : Facebook kuuluu.

22 Mar 2013

Linkin Park Menang Best Alternative International Group di Echo Award + Interview

Seperti yang dibertakan sebelumnya, Mike Shinoda dan Joe Hahn sedang berada di Jerman selama 2 hari untuk menghadiri Echo Awards dan memprosikan album LIVING THINGS +.

Dalam Echo Awards ini, Linkin Park masuk nominasi "Best Alternative International Group". Dan Linkin Park telah memenangkannnya.

Berikut adalah video pidato penerimaan dari Mike dan Joe :

Dan berikut video interviewnya, membicarakan tentang game LP Recharge, scoring (membuat musik) film Mall yang di sutradarai Joe Hahn :

Sumber : YouTube, Linkin Park.

13 Mar 2013

Mike & Joe Akan Ke Berlin Mempromosikan LIVING THINGS+

Mike Shinoda dan Joe Hahn secara personal akan pergi ke Berlin, Jerman. Untuk mempromosikan LIVING THINGS+ pada tanggal 20 dan 21 Maret.

Linkin Park masuk dalam nominator dalam acara "Echo Awards", Mike dan Joe juga akan hadir dalam acara tersebut.

Sumber : Warner Music Germany Newsletter via

25 Jan 2013

Kolaborasi Linkin Park & Sebago, Interview Dengan The Source Magazine

Beberapa hari lalu, Linkin Park mengadakan launching party kolaborasi LP x SBG Boot. The Source Magazine ada di sana untuk meng-interview Mike Shinoda dan Joe Hahn, membicarakan tentang proses kreatif merancang sepatu boot itu, Music For Relief, album baru Linkin Park, Film Mall, dll.

Q. How did this collaboration come about with Sebago?

Mike Shinoda: We’ve been friends with Stash for awhile and he kind of made the introduction. He’s been designing shoes and doing that type of thing forever besides being talented at many other things and he made the intro...Joe really took the lead on it.

Q. Tell me about the creative process for the boot?

Joe Hahn: We had about five different ideas that we fleshed out and this one is the best. We wanted to take a simple utilitarian approach to what someone that travels with the group would wear, meaning our road crew. One pair of shoes that they can wear the rest of their lives. They can trek through the mud or any kind of terrain and then they can go out at night and still look nice.

Q. Can you speak on the charity partnership? 

Mike Shinoda: 10% of the boot sales will go to Music For Relief, which is a charity we started in the mid 2000's to provide relief to victims of natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti etc. Music For Relief is also involved in various green efforts and most notably the band will often donate a dollar from every ticket to our concerts to Music for Relief to do things like tree plantings and things like that. People who buy the shoe, not only will they be getting a great piece of footwear, but they also will be helping out some people in need.

Q. Tell me about the creative process of your new album "Living Things"?

Mike Shinoda: Our process is always changing and it's very loose, buts it's unlike most band’s creative process. For us when you think of a band making music you think of them jamming in a room together and writing a song in real time that way. Ours is much more like the way a hip hop production team woud write or maybe even an electronic artist might write where it's very much recording ideas into digital media. You might throw some ideas on your phone, some on a laptop, some in a studio and all those ideas get organized and pieced together in the studio, almost like lego bricks. At the end of the day we start rearranging the bricks and creating our best songs. At this point, in the recent years, we’ve been going back and forth between touring and writing. We’re constantly writing, whether we are on the road or not.

Q. DJing is so popular right now. Do you have any reflections on the rise of the DJ?

Joe Hahn: I think the technology that’s out there as a tool for DJs has changed the game. Making music and being a DJ and playing music used to be exclusive and now a lot of people are making their stuff as they’re playing. It's really exciting. There is a huge community like Sound Cloud and all these different places where people share things on a daily basis. People are innovating nonstop.

Q. Who is an MC you would like to collaborate with?

Mike Shinoda: That’s a tough one. I’m really excited about the new wave of artists likeKendrick Lamar and their whole crew. I personally love Schoolboy Q, I think he’s amazing. I’m a fan of A$AP Rocky and that crew. On a little bit more of a random note, lesser known, he’s a little more out there, a guy named Homeboy Sandman. He’s a little more esoteric, he’s a smart dude and I think his records reflect that kind of intelligence and the way he thinks outside the box. He is very lyrical, too.

Q. Anything you want to add about the next album?

Mike Shinoda: If I tell you what it sounds like right now, in one month it will probably be completely different. It’s always in flux.

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

Mike Shinoda: You could let the people know where to find us. I’m at Mike Shinoda at Twitter, the band is Linkin Park at Twitter, JoeHahnLP on Twitter, and of course Facebook.

Joe Hahn: Look out for "Mall," it’s a film that I directed and the band is currently doing the soundtrack for. It’s independent, it’s great, it’s delicious, it’s got a lot of cool actors in it, and it’s going to have awesome music.

Sumber : The Source Magazine.

28 Jun 2012

Honda Civic Tour TV Spot Featuring Joe Hahn

Melalui halaman facebook resminya, Honda Civic Tour berbagi video dari Joe Hahn ( Linkin Park ) yang merupakan cuplikan dari pembuatan video  BURN IT DOWN dan sekaligus untuk mempromosikan Tour Honda Civic dengan Incubus.

Sumber : CBN

1 Jun 2012

Ringkasan LPU Chat Dengan Joe Hahn

Joe Hahn melakukan LPU Chat di sela-sela show di Skive Festival, berikut adalah ringkasannya :

  • Joe berkata mungkin ada tur Eropa pada musim gugur

  • Seseorang bertanya apa LP akan bermain di Rusia dan Joe berkata: Twinkle twinkle little star dan Justin Bieber’s greatest hits

  • Saya percaya seseorang bertanya di mana ia dapat ide dengan video Breaking the Habit dan Joe mengatakan bahwa ia mendapat ide dari berbagai anime Jepang.

  • LIVING THINGS didasarkan pada gambar 3-D (dia juga menjelaskan sedikit lebih tapi sangat sulit untuk memahaminya)

  • Joe mengatakan bahwa Dubstep keren

  • Film favorit Joe dari Marvel Studios adalah The Avengers

  • Joe berharap dia memiliki pekerjaan LPU roadie, katanya itu pekerjaan keren. Dia mengatakan itu keren untuk roadies untuk melihat belakang panggung, dll

  • Iron Man atau Batman? Joe berkata Iron Man

  • Dia tidak bermain LEGO Star Wars

  • Fort Minor atau Dead By Sunrise? Joe berkata "Fort Terbit"

  • Ketika ditanya apakah sulit untuk menjadi seorang ninja-DJ, Joe menjawab ya dan tidak.

  • Dia kemudian menunjukkan kepada kita gambar dirinya sendiri, tampaknya seperti fans yang menggambar.

  • Lalu ia pergi.

Sumber : MSC.

30 Mei 2012

LPU Chat Dengan Joe Hahn Dari Skive Festival

Joe Hahn akan melakukan LPU Chat dari Skive Festival pada 12:15pm Pacific Time.

5 Mei 2012

Cuplikan Gambar Video "Burn It Down" Dari Joe Hahn

Lewat blog pribadinya, Joe Hahn telah mengupload gambar cuplikan dari video "Burn It Down". Tampaknya video "Burn It Down" ini sudah selesai, namun tidak dapat dipastikan diliris kapan. Berikut adalah gambar cuplikannya, klik pada gambar untuk memperbesar :

Cuplikan video "Burn It Down" pernah ada dalam video promo NBA, kami membuat screenshot-nya, kamu bisa melihatnya DI SINI.

Sumber : Joe Hahn's Blog.

11 Apr 2012

Film "Mall" Yang Disutradarai Joe Hahn Akan Menampilkan Musik LP & Mulai Shooting Minggu Depan

Seperti yang diberitakan sebelumnya
 Mei 2011 lalu, Joe Hahn akan menyutradarai film layar lebar berjudul "Mall". Dalam film ini akan disertakan musik dari Linkin Park dan akam memulai shooting minggu depan. Berikut adalah informasi terbaru film ini dari :

Actor Vincent D’’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket) is both executive producing and starring in Joe Hahn‘s (best known as Linkin Park’s DJ) genre pic that heads to the Mall, Bloody Disgusting learned exclusively.

Penned Joe Vinciguerra and Sam Bisbee, the indie project that’s described as a “dark drama” follows the empty and sordid lives of various mall-goers who are brought into stark relief when a disgruntled former tuxedo shop employee goes on a massive killing spree. It will feature the music of Linkin Park.

Doing some digging we also discovered that the pic will also star “Shameless’” Cameron Monaghan, James Frecheville (Animal Kingdom ), India Menuez and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Road, “The Wire”).

Shooting begins next week in Los Angeles.

Film ini diadaptasi dari sebuah novel berjudul sama dari penulis sekaligus aktor Eric Bogosian. Di film ini, Joe akan bekerja sama dengan beberapa artis seperti Vincent D’Nofrio (pemain dari Law & Order : Criminal Intent) dan Chelsea Handler.

Film ini bercerita tentang lima tokoh yang berbeda yang memiliki tujuan yang sama yaitu mendatangi sebuah Mall. Kelima tokoh tersebut memiliki karakter berbeda yaitu seorang pemuda penyendiri, seorang ibu rumah tangga yang jenuh, seorang pebisnis yang memikili masalah psikologi voyeuristik (kelainan psikologis dimana penderita suka mengintip/mematai-matai kegiatan seksual orang lain), seorang penjaga Mall tersebut dan seorang pecandu. Mereka berlima mendatangi mall di daerah suburban tersebut untuk mencari masalah. Lebih lengkah tentang ‘Mall’, bisa kamu baca di sini.

Sumber : Bloody-Disgusting via LPA

5 Mar 2012

Joe Hahn Akan Tampil Sebagai DJ Set di HAZE Nightclub, Las Vegas

Dengan semua jadwal tour untuk musim panas mendatang, Mr Hahn akan tampil sebagai seorang DJ tamu khusus di HAZE Nightclub, Las Vegas, NV pada tanggal 24 Maret 2012. HAZE Nightclub terletak di Hotel Aria dan Casino, dan informasi lebih lanjut tentang acara tersebut KLIK DISINI

Sumber : LPA

12 Feb 2012

Joe Hahn; Jadilah anggota Linkin Park Selama 15 detik (Viddy Kontes)

Linkin Park secara resmi akhirnya mengumumkan kontes Viddy yang sebelumnya di posting, Joe menjelaskan apa yang perlu dilakukan di bawah ini.
We just released some Linkin Park production filters for the Viddy iPhone app. We want to see what kind of stuff you guys can create using them, so we came up with this contest. All you have to do is shoot a Viddy of you impersonating me or one of my bandmates, using one of the five new Linkin Park filters in the app. Upload it to Viddy, tag it #linkinpark and post it on your Twitter or Facebook. We’ll choose our favorite entry and send the winner a guitar signed by the band. For full contest details, visit

To download the Viddy app, go here.

-Joe (the real one)


27 Jan 2012

LPU Chat dengan Joe Hahn


Joe akan video chatting dengan anggota LPU, 27 Januari sekitar pukul 11:45 PST. Waktunya mungkin dapat berubah, bisa lebih awal atau lebih lambat. Buat kamu LPU member, siapkan pertanyaan siapa tahu Joe akan menjawabnya :)

15 Jan 2012

Official Google Plus Personil Linkin Park

Semua personil Linkin Park kini telah mempunyai account Google Plus yang telah di verifikasi. Namun mereka belum update Stream satupun. Tidak ada salahnya, jika Anda Plusser tambahkan mereka ke lingkaran Anda. berikut adalah link account Google Plus semua personil Linkin Park :

Jika Anda belum tahu, Linkin Park juga mempunyai Page di Google Plus, KLIK DI SINI. Dan jangan lupa, LPFI juga mempunyai page Google Plus, KLIK DI SINI. :D

via : CBN.

3 Jan 2012

Terkumpul $19.000 Untuk Lelang Helm Kobayashi

Pembalap F1 Sauber, Kamui Kobayashi. Yang helmnya dirancang oleh Joe Hahn yang dilelang telah berhasil mengumpulkan dana sebesar $19.000. Guna menggalang dana bagi Jepang yang sempat diguncang gempa dan tsunami Maret lalu. Berikut adalah artikel dari :
The joint project between Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi and the rock band Linkin Park has been very successful: 19,000 US dollars have been raised for the one-off helmet with which Kobayashi raced at the finale of the 2011 season in Sao Paulo.

The revenue from the online auction goes to the Japanese aid through the internationally renowned charity organisation Music for Relief, initiated by Linkin Park.

The idea was sparked by an encounter Kobayashi had with the band in September in Singapore. Joe Hahn, producer and band member of Linkin Park, personally designed the unique helmet.

Since 2005,Music for Relief has raised more than $5m for disaster victims and environmental projects. Of this, $700,000 dollars alone have been donated to Japan to help it deal with the consequences of the disasters that struck on 11th March last year.

via :

2 Des 2011

Linkin Park Bekerja Sama Dengan Flingo Untuk Fans di Smart TV

Linkin Park dan Flingo, publisher aplikasi untuk Smart TV, melakukan kerja sama. Flingo hari ini merilis keterangan pers mengumumkan kemitraan mereka dengan Linkin Park untuk membuat aplikasi resmi Linkin Park Smart TV, di sini akan termasuk video, behind-the-scenes footage of studio dan konser, foto, dan jadwal tur. Lihat press release dibawah ini dan kutipan dari Joe Hahn :

"Flingo provides us with a new way to connect with our fans and give them immediate access to our videos," says Joe Hahn, of Linkin Park. "With our app available in the newest Internet Connected HD TVs, we know our videos are going to look great and sound amazing. Plus, the app gives us total creative control over the format and frequency of which we can reach viewers and listeners, an uncommon luxury for most musicians today."
Flingo's application publishing suite seamlessly integrates the web with the TV experience. This enables an ecosystem where media companies, artists and brand sponsors converge on consumer hardware platforms to give viewers a more engaging and personal TV experience. Viewers will enjoy more content on TV than ever before in a highly personalized, interactive experience. Additionally, they can share their favorite moments across popular social networks. Flingo is currently available on 7.2 million screens, in 117 countries worldwide.
"We're very honored to launch Linkin Park's app for Smart TVs," says Alvir Navin, co-founder of Flingo. "As a musician myself, I am always looking for ways that artists can bring their creativity to large audiences directly. Linkin Park is one of the biggest rock bands of all time, so people are going to love 24 hour access to the band's latest news and videos in the convenience of their TV with all the sound fidelity of a home theater environment."

sumber : Yahoo!

26 Nov 2011

Lelang Helm Kobayashi Yang Dirancang Joe Untuk Jepang

Pembalap F1 Sauber, Kamui Kobayashi dikabarkan akan memakai helm hasil rancangan Band rock Amerika, Linkin Park, yang sengaja didesain khusus untuk GP Brasil.

Saat mengikuti GP Singapura tahun ini, Kobayashi bertemu dengan anggota band Linkin Park, Joe Hahn, yang lalu merancang helm khusus buat pembalap asal Jepang itu guna menggalang dana bagi negaranya yang sempat diguncang gempa dan tsunami Maret lalu.

Hahn sendiri ikut dalam menggalang bantuan tersebut, dimana saat ini telah terkumpul sekitar US$ lima juta.

"Aku sudah lama menjadi pengemar Linkin Park. Aku suka musik dan terkesan dengan komitmen sosial band ini. Aku sangat senang bertemu secara pribadi di paddock saat mereka konser di GP Singapura," kata Kobayashi.

"Sejak itu kami sering berhubungan dan aku sangat senang Joe Hahn mendesain helm buat aku. Aku berharap kami dapat mengumpulkan lewat Music untuk amal guna membantu membangun negara aku ," pungkasnya.

Dan ini postingan Joe Hahn di LP Blog :

When Linkin Park was in Singapore during our tour in Asia, we had the opportunity to meet Formula 1 driver Kamui Kobayashi. We talked about Music For Relief’s activities to support earthquake and tsunami recovery in Japan. He said he wanted to help, so we teamed up with Sauber F1 team and Kobayashi sponsor Goodsmile Company and designed an original helmet that Kobayashi will wear for the last race of the season at the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 27th. Following the race, we'll auction off the helmet HERE and all proceeds will benefit Music For Relief's Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. The auction starts on Thursday, November 24 at 9:00 am EST.

For more information, visit


sumber : Warta News & LP Blog.