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Robert Gregory Bourdon's Trivia

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  • Rob's birthdate is January 20, 1979.
  • Rob is from Calabasas, CA, but lives in LA now.
  • Rob went to Agoura high school.
  • Rob is Jewish
  • Rob's previous day job was as a waiter
  • Rob started to play the drums when he was in elementary school (third or fourth grade) after he went to an Aerosmith concert. His mom actually knows Joey Kramer (Aerosmith's drummer) so he got to go backstage and see the whole production.
  • When Rob got into high school he was into "a lot of funk" like Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown, Tower of Power.
  • Linkin Park is NOT Rob's first band. He started playing in bands when he was around 13 years old and he'd play cover songs like Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' with his buddies. That's when he met Brad and they played for about a year. It was rock meets rap and funk, they were called 'Relative Degree'. They practiced a lot, played one show and then it fell apart.
  • Rob likes to play the piano when he has time. He used to take classical lessons when he was young and was forced to keep going
  • Rob says Princess Jasmine is the cartoon character that represents him best because him and Phoenix are like a team in the band, being on bass and drums. so he's be Princess jasmine cos they fit together. (See 'Phoenix' info in order to understand this comment,lol)
  • His most poignant moment was getting gold plaques for Hybrid Theory.
  • In some interview one of the members of Linkin Park stated that Rob went to high school with Incubus, however they also stated that Rob went to Agoura high school which Incubus did not go to. Incubus went to Calabasas high school - Calabasas was the town Rob grew up in so that may be where the initial confusion arised.
  • Linkin Park most likely did attend high school with most of the members of Hoobastank who went to Agoura high. They even played some shows (Brad, Mike and Rob) in the lead singer of Hoobastank's backyard.
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