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Mike & Brad melakukan diinterview oleh Swedish newspaper Experessen...

Linkin Park: Key is that we are satisfied

An exclusive chat with two of Linkin Park's founders, Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda, both 33, on the Sunset Marquis hotel rock in Los Angeles.

They sit reclined on a sofa with his feet on the table, two California-ordinary guys in jeans and sneakers, who jokes that they so far have only received one positive comment by the journalists who have listened to the disc.

Are you nervous about reviews?
- No, it's not much you can do. You can not control. The important thing is that we are satisfied, says Brad.

Mike Shinoda is the producer of the album - along with the legendary Rick Rubin, who previously worked with greats like Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica.
Had a clear vision.

- Several of the band did not want to bring in some other producer because we had such a clear vision of what the album would be, "says Mike.

- I did not think we would work with Rick from the beginning, but during our first meeting, he came directly with several good ideas.

14 years, after the band was founded, most of the band married and has children.
Is there a difference between now and then?

- Our emotional energy has changed after we got married and had children, said Brad Delson, guitarist in the band.

- Our emotional energy is different, explains Brad, but says that touring is never easy.

- Some are made for it. Some love to be out there. But I do not think any of us do, says Mike, but stresses that they still like the performances. Some partying will not travel - even in ordinary cases, for that matter.

- When I was little I thought the festival was to dance and eat, but my mom said "no, it means that you'll be drinking alcohol," says Brad himself a teetotaler.

You have many Swedish fans. What do you think of Sweden?

- Was not that where we said that we felt uncomfortable that everyone was so nice? In some places, you feel just so damn ugly because there is so much beautiful people around. It is not even subjectively, it is a fact, says Mike.

Linkin Park's new single "The Catalyst" is released August 2.

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