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Joseph Hahn's Trivia

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  • Joe's birthdate is March 15, 1977
  • Joe is from Glendale, CA but lives in LA now.
  • Joe has a split personality called Remy (For those who are slow - this was a joke. He doesn't *really* have a split personality, it's all in good fun. Joe now denies it completely though - he's lying, lol). 
  • Joe or "Remy" talks in the beginning of "Cure for the Itch"
  • "Mr Hahn" constantly invents things in conversations with new fans who don't know lp very well and will make up things about them that are totally untrue. "So beware" -Brad (He'll make up stuff when talking to old fans as well so don't take everything he says to heart)
  • Joe gets bored very easily & has a dry sense of humor, so don't get upset if he seems uninterested or he's not receptive to you (the fans). He doesn't really mean it in a bad way. (ie/ leaving the LPU meet and greet table and walking down the line signing people's stuff so he can leave faster)
  • Joe came up with the concept for the "One Step Closer" video. He also was involved in the directing of every other linkin park video. He's the official video guy for the band. 
  • Joe and Nathan Cox co-directed Static X's video for "Cold".
  • Joe was into visual arts in high school and also pursued it after.
  • Joe and Chester both agree the Foo Fighters' "Everlong" is quite possibly one the best songs ever.
  • Mike (and then Rob,Brad,etc) met Joe in college since Joe went to the Pasadena arts school/college too.
  • Joe and Mike both majored in illustration. They were both interested in painting and Joe stayed at the college for a year then he got into motion pictures. He worked on Sphere and Phantoms. He worked on monsters in movies.
  • Joe was born in America, but his parents are Korean which makes him Korean.
  • Joe says that the valkyrie fighter in robotech is the cartoon character that represents him best because he's so streamlined and cool.
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