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Album Baru Linkin Park "One More Light" Dirilis 19 Mei

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Penantian kita semua telah berakhir, RESMI album baru Linkin Park berjudul "One More Light" Akan dirilis 19 Mei mendatang.

Linkin Park "One More Light"

01 Nobody Can Save Me
02 Good Goodbye
03 Talking to Myself
04 Battle Symphony
05 Invisible
06 Heavy Ft. Kiiara
07 Sorry for Now
08 Halfway Right
09 One More Light
10 Sharp Edges​

It’s finally time.
Halfway through the process of writing and recording our new album, ONE MORE LIGHT, we were sitting in a hot studio in L.A., sharing stories of gratitude for the wonderful opportunity of being able to make music. We were talking about being grateful for you.
Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading emails like this one, for coming to our shows, for playing around with us on social media, for listening to our music. As we wrote, tore apart, and rewrote each song, we spoke often about the journey it took to make these new songs, and the journey ahead of us once people start to hear them.

The album is full of personal stories we’ve never told, perspectives we’re still figuring out. We dug through our lives as friends, fathers, brothers, and bandmates in making these songs. We also worked with some new friends—like Kiiara, who’s featured on this song. And while we often say our new album “doesn’t sound like any of our other albums,” this time it may be more true than ever, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

There’s already a pre-order for the whole album HERE. And there will be much more happening in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned. We have a lot more coming.
Until then…this song is called HEAVY.

Brad, Chester, Dave, Joe, Mike, and Rob

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