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25 Fall Albums That Matter Most

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Release date: Sept. 14
The Skinny: Linkin Park helped give rise to a rap-rock movement that might have been better off never happening, judging by the short shelf-life of so many fateful pretenders to the throne. But the band behind the epochal 2000 album Hybrid Theory has aged better than most, and there's potential that remains to be tapped still by A Thousand Suns. Linkin Park mastermind Mike Shinoda teamed up again with Rick Rubin, the polymath rap-rock producer who worked on 2007's Minutes to Midnight, and you know a band means business when they title the first two tracks on an album "The Requiem" and "The Radiance."
Fast Fact: Mike Shinoda recently made a "Celebrity Playlist" for iTunes that included songs by Oingo Boingo, Tears for Fears, and N.W.A., among others.

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