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Interview NME Dengan Mike : Meluangkan Waktu Untuk Kolaborasi

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NME telah melakukan wawancara dengan Mike Shinoda disela-sela show Fort Minor di Berlin, Jerman, mereka membicarakan kembalinya projet sampingan Fort Minor. Selain itu Mike mengatakan Linkin Park sedang meluangkan waktu untuk melakukan progress pada sebuah kolaborasi pada album Linkin Park.

With everything “running through a headphone jack”, the Fort Minor shows are designed to be portable and able to be slotted around Linkin Park’s schedule. “I can set up and play in your living room through your stereo. Our band plays all over the world and sometimes we have multiple days off in-between shows where I’m personally not doing that much. Adding a Fort Minor show is fun for me – it wouldn’t necessarily be fun for everyone in our band…I’m not interested in a tour. I want to make it feel exclusive and limited.” Similarly, rather than a curtain-raiser for an imminent album, ‘Welcome’ is merely meant as a reintroduction. “All I wanted with the song was to reintroduce the idea of Fort Minor the right way, so I can keep that door open and have the option to release more stuff.”
...Later Shinoda reveals he’s already "starting to work out some ideas” for its follow-up. In fact, writing sessions are planned in London for a collaboration with an artist he’s remaining tight-lipped about. “I have no idea what it’ll sound like yet. It won’t sound like ‘The Hunting Party’,” he says firmly. “We like to surprise people.”

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