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Kolaborasi Linkin Park & Sebago, Interview Dengan The Source Magazine

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Beberapa hari lalu, Linkin Park mengadakan launching party kolaborasi LP x SBG Boot. The Source Magazine ada di sana untuk meng-interview Mike Shinoda dan Joe Hahn, membicarakan tentang proses kreatif merancang sepatu boot itu, Music For Relief, album baru Linkin Park, Film Mall, dll.

Q. How did this collaboration come about with Sebago?

Mike Shinoda: We’ve been friends with Stash for awhile and he kind of made the introduction. He’s been designing shoes and doing that type of thing forever besides being talented at many other things and he made the intro...Joe really took the lead on it.

Q. Tell me about the creative process for the boot?

Joe Hahn: We had about five different ideas that we fleshed out and this one is the best. We wanted to take a simple utilitarian approach to what someone that travels with the group would wear, meaning our road crew. One pair of shoes that they can wear the rest of their lives. They can trek through the mud or any kind of terrain and then they can go out at night and still look nice.

Q. Can you speak on the charity partnership? 

Mike Shinoda: 10% of the boot sales will go to Music For Relief, which is a charity we started in the mid 2000's to provide relief to victims of natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti etc. Music For Relief is also involved in various green efforts and most notably the band will often donate a dollar from every ticket to our concerts to Music for Relief to do things like tree plantings and things like that. People who buy the shoe, not only will they be getting a great piece of footwear, but they also will be helping out some people in need.

Q. Tell me about the creative process of your new album "Living Things"?

Mike Shinoda: Our process is always changing and it's very loose, buts it's unlike most band’s creative process. For us when you think of a band making music you think of them jamming in a room together and writing a song in real time that way. Ours is much more like the way a hip hop production team woud write or maybe even an electronic artist might write where it's very much recording ideas into digital media. You might throw some ideas on your phone, some on a laptop, some in a studio and all those ideas get organized and pieced together in the studio, almost like lego bricks. At the end of the day we start rearranging the bricks and creating our best songs. At this point, in the recent years, we’ve been going back and forth between touring and writing. We’re constantly writing, whether we are on the road or not.

Q. DJing is so popular right now. Do you have any reflections on the rise of the DJ?

Joe Hahn: I think the technology that’s out there as a tool for DJs has changed the game. Making music and being a DJ and playing music used to be exclusive and now a lot of people are making their stuff as they’re playing. It's really exciting. There is a huge community like Sound Cloud and all these different places where people share things on a daily basis. People are innovating nonstop.

Q. Who is an MC you would like to collaborate with?

Mike Shinoda: That’s a tough one. I’m really excited about the new wave of artists likeKendrick Lamar and their whole crew. I personally love Schoolboy Q, I think he’s amazing. I’m a fan of A$AP Rocky and that crew. On a little bit more of a random note, lesser known, he’s a little more out there, a guy named Homeboy Sandman. He’s a little more esoteric, he’s a smart dude and I think his records reflect that kind of intelligence and the way he thinks outside the box. He is very lyrical, too.

Q. Anything you want to add about the next album?

Mike Shinoda: If I tell you what it sounds like right now, in one month it will probably be completely different. It’s always in flux.

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

Mike Shinoda: You could let the people know where to find us. I’m at Mike Shinoda at Twitter, the band is Linkin Park at Twitter, JoeHahnLP on Twitter, and of course Facebook.

Joe Hahn: Look out for "Mall," it’s a film that I directed and the band is currently doing the soundtrack for. It’s independent, it’s great, it’s delicious, it’s got a lot of cool actors in it, and it’s going to have awesome music.

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