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MySpace Living Things Exclusive Preview Detail & Lirik

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MySpace diberikan kesempatan untuk mendengarkan "Living Things". Mereka mengatakan tentang sedikt tentang lirik dan deskripsi dari lagu-lagu.

Recently Myspace was invited to stop by NRG Studios in North Hollywood to get an exclusive sneak peek at Linkin Park’s upcoming fifth album Living Things, which will be out on June 26 via WBR. Guitarist Brad Delson played host, noting that this disc is an “amalgam of our first releases, which is the sound people know us best for, and that experimental stuff.” 

Delson, who also mentioned that the band listened to a lot of folk music and early Americana during the recording process, added that the shift in sound on this release is due to the fact that the musicians used “a lot of tools we had put aside that we felt comfortable using again.” He added, “It’s a random process where we’re deconstructing things and putting them back together… We just use whatever sounds we think will be best for the record and then figure out how to play them later.” 

While we can’t actually let you hear any of the new tracks we can offer a glimpse into what’s to come (and what the heck Delson is talking about).

Track: “Lost In The Echo”
Sample Lyric: “We got lost in the echo.”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Epic
What You Can Expect: A grandiose, swelling number that harkens back to early single “In the End.”

Track: “In My Remains”
Sample Lyric: “Like an army falling one by one”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Slick
What You Can Expect: A heavy rocker that slowly builds from a sparse, electronic backbone.

Track: “Burn It Down”
Sample Lyric: “We’re building it up to break it down”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Single
What You Can Expect: Listen for yourself below…

Linkin Park – Burn It Down

Track: “Lies Greed Misery”
Sample Lyric: “Now let me show you exactly how the breaking point sounds”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Aggressive
What You Can Expect: A thrashing, in-your-face number garnished with a hint of dub-step.

Track: “I’ll Be Gone”
Sample Lyric: “It’s time you let me go”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Ballad
What You Can Expect: An anthemic radio number that features heavy drums and urgent vocals.

Track: “Castle of Glass”
Sample Lyric: “I’m only a crack in this castle of glass”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Ambient
What You Can Expect: A combination of synth and acoustic guitar that creates an atmospheric rocker.

Track: “Victimized”
Sample Lyric: We didn’t write one down because we were so shaken by the track’s aggression.
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Metallic
What You Can Expect: Linkin Park’s heaviest song yet, a screaming, heavy rock song that may surprise you.

Track: “Roads Untraveled”
Sample Lyric: “The love that you lost wasn’t worth what it cost and in time you’ll be glad it’s gone”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Heartbreak
What You Can Expect: A piano-driven ballad that even features some chimes.

Track: “Skin To Bone”
Sample Lyric: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Hypnotic
What You Can Expect: An electro-driven rhythmic number that goes hard on the experimentation.

Track: “Until It Breaks”
Sample Lyric: “You woke the devil that I thought you’d left behind”
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Introspective
What You Can Expect: One of the softer tracks on the album, centered on synth melodies.

Track: “Tinfoil”
Sample Lyric: This track is instrumental, so…
Word We Wrote Down To Describe It: Ambient
What You Can Expect: An intro between tracks that also delves into experimental noises.

Track: “Powerless”
What You Can Expect: Unfortunately the CD didn’t work so we didn’t get to hear this one.

Excited? For more from Linkin Park head to their Myspace Radio channel here.

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