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Judul Lagu Baru, Info Collab & album Baru Dirilis Bulan Juni

Berita Lain di - Linkin Park Fans Indonesia telah memposting interview dengan Chester tentang album baru yang tampaknya dijadwalkan dirilis bulan Juni mendatang. Dalam interview itu diperdengarkab 4 buah lagu yang berjudul "Lost In The Echo", "In My Remains", "Castle Of Glass", "I'll Be Gone". Mereka juga mengatakan, Linkin Park akan berkolaborasi dengan Owen Pallet. Berikut adalah wawancaranya :

Shinoda and Bennington played five of the new songs for SPIN and sure enough, they felt like an improvement on an old family recipe (albeit one you'd most likely use to piss off the rest of your family). "Lost in the Echo" featured a staccato guitar attack, tribal drums, crystalline keys and some brutal screams, but it also interweaved contemporary sub-bass boom and clangy industrial effects. "In My Remains" is both dark and triumphant, built for an arena at the end of days.

The melancholic "Castle of Glass" offers a steam-engine chug and a mountain of sound while Bennington sings about being but a small crack in the titular edifice, illustrating belonging and futility in the same stroke. On "I'll Be Gone," his metallic vocals come from a character who's either forced or chooses to leave home before the sun comes up. Amidst the lo-bit glitch and seismic stomp comes an unlikely cameo: strings courtesy of Arcade Fire arranger Owen Pallett.

"He's incredible," says Bennington, leaning back against the wall of the studio. "You send him notes and he's immediately like, 'I just sent you the track. Like, five minutes ago. It's done.' "

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Sumber : SPIN via LPA.
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