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LP Recharge

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Linkin Park Radio Update

Linkin Park Radio telah diperbaharui, berikut adalah postingan Mike Shinoda :

Linkin Park Radio just got refreshed! New music, and I called a bunch of fans at random. Some funny stuff...

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sumber : LP Blog - Mike.

Video: Chester, Mike & Anna di Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Salah satu channel TV Russia meliput Chester, Mike & Anna di the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

via Chester Bennington Network

Foto : LPU Meet & Greet - 21 Sept 2011 Jakarta

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Facebook Mike Shinoda

Kali ini Mike Shinoda mempunyai akun Facebook official, Mike mengatakan sendiri di blognya. Untuk mengkuti status Mike Shinoda klik “subscribe”. "Subscribe" merupakan fitur baru Facebook.

Get Well Soon Dave "Phoenix" Farrel

Berdasarkan report dari berbagai fans site Linkin Park. Show di Bangkok - Thailand 23 September agak berbeda. Dave "Phoenix" Farrel bassist Linkin Park tidak bisa ikut ke atas panggung karena sakit. Phoenix juga tidak mengikuti acara Meet & Greet. Posisi bass saat itu gantikan oleh crew teknisi bass Linkin Park. Lagu "Blackout" pun tidak dimainkan karena Phoenix tidak bisa memainkan synthesizer juga. Ditambah lagi cuaca buruk sehingga konser terlambat dari waktu seharusnya. Semoga saja Phoenix keadaannya Phoenix cepat pulih. Get Well Soon Dave "Phoenix" Farrel...

Interview Rob Bourdon Di Jakarta Globe

Sebelum melakukan konser, Rob Bourdon sempat diinterview oleh Jakarta Globe. Berikut adalah kutipan interviewnya :

In an interview before the show, drummer Rob Bourdon said the band always tried to pick songs that they thought would do justice to each album in its live shows. He added that the band took note of fan reactions and concert reviews after each show and tour.

“We have a few different set lists that we alternate each night, so each night we will play something different,” he said. “There are certain songs that we’ve been playing for over 10 years, but on a certain night, you can just be in the moment and really enjoy the song.”

If they ever start to feel bored playing certain hits, Bourdon said all they needed to do was look out at the audience and feed off the fans’ enthusiasm for the music.

“When you see them, it’s really hard not to be excited about it,” he said. Bourdon said the band always looked forward to playing in places like Jakarta, where audiences do not get to see a lot of international performers.

He said touring was always about finding a balance between performing and mixing music in the studio. The band is already working on new material for its fifth album. Bourdon added that the band was always writing something to keep the creative juices flowing.

He said the process of recording 2006’s “Minutes to Midnight” had brought the band to a new creative level, one that involved all of the members writing and sharing ideas and material.

“ ‘Minutes to Midnight’ is the first time we kinda broke down the box, the walls and the rules, but we had a lot of struggle to do that,” Bourdon said.

He said the band’s latest album, “A Thousand Suns,” captured this newfound synergy between the members. Bourdon also thanked producer Mike Rubin for his input on the new album.

By trying to balance the expectations of both old and new fans, Bourdon said Linkin Park was experiencing an artistic revolution as they challenged themselves to create something new. “[But] we are still the same band that made ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora,’ ” he said.

After heading home from the lengthy world tour, the members of Linkin Park will have a few weeks to relax before their next show in Florida in October. After that, the band plans to get back into the studio to work on the new album.

sumber : Jakarta Globe via CB Network.

Jakarta, 21-09-2011 Linkin Park Live at GBK // LPU Meet & Greet Photos

Malam kemarin sekitar pukul 20.00 WIB lebih, Linkin Park tampil di Stadion Utama GBK. Berikut adalah setlistnya :

01. The Requiem/The Radiance (ending with Savio speech)
02. Papercut
03. Given Up
04. New Divide
05. Faint
06. Empty Spaces
07. When They Come for Me
08. No More Sorrow
09. Jornada Del Muerto
10. Waiting for the End
11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love
12. Iridescent
13. Numb (with Oppenheimer outro)
14. Breaking the Habit
15. Shadow of the Day
16. Crawling
17. One Step Closer
18. Fallout
19. The Catalyst
20. Blackout
21. In the End
22. What I've Done
23. Bleed it Out (with A Place for my Head and Rob drum solo over bridge)

Jornada Del Muerto/Waiting For The End Live at Stadion Utama GBK, courtesy dari Rina.

Sebelum konser Linkin Park melakukan LPU Meet & Greet, berikut adalah foto-fotonya :

Klik Show Untuk Melihat Foto> :

Video LPU Meet & Greet

video oleh dwchen1

Dukung Linkin Park di MTV EMA 2011

Linkin Park masuk dalam nomonasi MTV EMA 2011 (Europe Music Award). Untuk kategori BEST ROCK dan BEST WORLD STAGE. Voting sudah dibuka.

Interview Mike Di The Nation - "Linking up with Linkin Park"

Mike Shinoda berbicara kepada The Nation (media Thailand). Dalam interview ini Mike membicarakan album baru, Fort Minor, dan berbicara sedikit tentang Thailand. Berikut adalah kutipan interviewnya :

What are you guys up to now?
Right now, I'm excited to be touring in Asia once again! After this tour, we'll return home to continue work on a new album.

When are we going to hear it?
I'm not sure when this next one will come out. Our last two albums took more than a year each to make. That's why it's important for us to stay focused on a new one.

What is this album going to sound like?
I have no idea! It could be anything at this point. Lots of people ask what the new material sounds like at this moment, and I think trying to describe it might be a mistake. What other people don't realise is that, with an album process that takes over a year, the music takes many twists and turns during the album's creation. So although I might give you a super-accurate description of what things sound like right now, everything could change in two weeks.

How about your hip-hop collaboration, Fort Minor?
I had a lot of fun making it. Fans of it are very vocal, and I know they would love to hear another one. I'm currently just working on Linkin Park stuff, so no Fort Minor in the immediate future.

How did you get involved in music?
I grew up playing classical piano and listening to rap music. I learned guitar from friends, and eventually started this band in an effort to mesh together all the sounds I liked to listen to - alternative, hip-hop, electronic, new wave, industrial. Over time, I think the sound has grown to include more genres of music, and blended them in a more interesting and challenging way.

Has the Japanese half of you contributed to your music?
I'm half Japanese. It can be subtle and complex, the way my ethnicity plays into the way I make music, create art, and interact with others in the process.

Tell us more about the current tour…
The tour started almost a year ago now, and we've been lucky to play all over the world. I was particularly excited to play in some places I've never visited before, like Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. We've also got to play at some amazing landmarks, like Red Square in Moscow, Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, and Puerta de Alcal in Madrid. I'm also looking forward to visiting Japan, where we'll be doing charity work with Music For Relief and Save The Children.

What do you like about our city?
I've always had a good time in Thailand. The people, food, and culture of Thailand are always something I look forward to. It's an amazing place.

Excited that you'll be back soon?
We are thrilled to be returning to Thailand to see our fans. "A Thousand Suns" was a challenging and special album for us, and we're so happy that our Thai fans have come along for the ride. But as always, we'll be playing songs from all our albums on stage, not just "A Thousand Suns". We look forward to seeing everyone at the show.

sumber : The Nation via MSC.

Interview Brad Delson Di Jakarta Globe

Brad Delson kembali di interview oleh media Indonesia, kali ini oleh Jakarta Globe. Berikut adalah kutipan interviewnya :

Your last show in Jakarta was seven years ago. Do you have a good excuse for not playing in this part of the world sooner?
The only excuse I have is being in the studio, making music and playing in cities in other parts of the world where they are also very eager to have us. But you know, that’s probably a not very good excuse [laughs].

After the launch of the new album, have you been fully occupied with touring, or have you also been preparing new material for your next album?
We’re always writing. Definitely everybody has ideas all the time, although the focus of our energy has been on supporting the records and performing the songs in many parts of the world.

Is there any chance you’re going to give a sample of your new material at one of your concerts?
There’s always a chance, but it’s a very slim chance. Count all the songs on ‘A Thousand Suns’ — that’s a lot of new music to play on our Asia tour.

So what else can we expect from your upcoming show?
We will be playing songs from ‘Midnight,’ ‘Hybrid Theory,’ ‘Meteora,’ most likely. It’s something for all ages. We always play what is exciting for us and also for anyone who comes to multiple nights. They usually tend to get a little bit of a different experience each time. You can follow us all around Asia like we’re the Grateful Dead [laughs].

So is that your inspiration?
[The Grateful Dead] is the most famous band that made every show different, and people would follow them around. They would be the best example of improvisation, changing the show each night. We definitely love playing live and we take [it] seriously. When we’re done making records, we really put all our energy into being the best live band.

Who calls the shots on which songs to play?
We are definitely an artistic democracy. The best idea is usually the winner.

How do you come up with new music?
What’s fun about being in the band is that we’ve taken the creative path to really evolve our sound every time we go into the studio. We’ve been encouraged to do that in particular by [producer] Rick Rubin in the past two albums. That brings a sense of excitement and surprise in terms of what the music is going to sound like.

After each of us works on our music, sometimes individually, we always get together and listen to everything, giving feedback and then deciding who has to go work on something. So we’re always collaborating. It’s a very open process, where anyone can bring any kind of song idea and then we focus on whichever we’re feeling the most.

What do you do when you’re not with the band? Any ongoing individual projects?
Professionally, I like to focus on Linkin Park because I feel that even if I’m interested in a wide range of activities, I feel like I could find all those within the context of the band. I of course have time outside of the band, but most of it involves sitting on the couch and watching television [laughs]. I’ve been playing a lot of Scrabble. It’s a little presumptuous and haughty to admit, but I’ve beat the computer a dozen times. I don’t play [the video game] Angry Birds. I actually don’t play a lot of video games.

What’s your secret to performing live?
I sometimes feel like I know what I’m doing. I think what’s nice is that after you’ve played on stage a lot, like every night, then there’s a certain kind of unconscious zone that happens, when you don’t have to think about it and it just happens. I think I play the best when I don’t have to think of what I’m doing.

sumber : Jakarta Globe

Interview Brad Delson Di Yahoo! Indonesia OMG!

Brad Delson sempat di interview oleh Yahoo! Indonesia OMG!. Langsung saja, berikut adalah interviewnya :

Ini akan jadi kunjungan kalian yang kedua kalinya ke Jakarta. Apa yang kalian harapkan?
Saya ingat, di kunjungan kami yang pertama, kami sangat bersenang-senang di Jakarta. Konsernya berjalan dengan sangat baik. Jadi kami senang sekali bisa kembali ke Indonesia dan berbagi lagu-lagu di album A Thousand Suns dengan penggemar di Indonesia.

Di website Linkin Park, kalian meng-upload sebuah blog video mengumumkan konser di Jakarta. Blog itu juga kalian tulis dengan Bahasa Indonesia. Sepenting apa sih penggemar di Indonesia bagi kalian?
Sejak awal kami bermusik, salah satu tujuan kami adalah membagi musik kami kepada pendengar di luar Amerika Serikat. Kami sudah lebih dari sepuluh tahun berkeliling dunia, dan hampir di setiap negara kami merasa seperti band lokal. Sambutan penggemar kepada kami sangat hangat sampai-sampai kami merasa sebagai band lokal. Bahkan dukungan mereka lebih kuat dibanding penggemar di Amerika Serikat. Kami pun merasakan koneksi dengan kalian lebih kuat dengan yang kami rasakan dengan penggemar di kampung halaman kami sendiri.

Kalian sudah tiga kali mengisi soundtrack film Transformers. Apa kalian memang suka film itu?
Kami merasa ada ikatan yang kuat antara Transformers dengan musik kami. Apalagi kami semua senang memainkan mainan robot Transformers sejak kecil. Sebelum film pertama Transformers dibuat, kami sudah bertemu dengan orang-orang di balik film itu dan membicarakan kemungkinan untuk melakukan kerjasama. Kerjasama yang kami lakukan sangat kuat, bahkan bagi kami lebih terasa seperti pernikahan antara Linkin Park dengan Transformers. Berkat kerjasama ini pula kami bisa memperkenalkan musik Linkin Park kepada banyak orang yang mungkin awalnya tak mendengarkan musik kami.

Film Transformers mana yang paling kamu suka?
Kalau bicara tentang special effect, jelas film pertama. Teknologi yang mereka gunakan sangat ground-breaking, belum pernah dilakukan oleh film-film lain sebelumnya. Mereka juga berhasil membuat robot-robotnya jadi manusiawi.

Jadi, kamu lebih pilih Megan Fox atau Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?
Hahaha... Saya bingung menjawabnya. Dua-duanya deh. All of the above. Hahaha...

Album A Thousand Suns baru dirilis tahun 2010, tapi katanya kalian sudah mulai mengerjakan album berikutnya. Benarkah?
Kami tak pernah berhenti menulis lagu. Tapi saat ini fokus kami masih pada tur dan mempromosikan A Thousand Suns.

Sepuluh tahun lalu, kalian adalah band rap metal. Sekarang musik kalian sudah berbeda. Apakah penggemar kalian masih sama?
Setelah sepuluh tahun, selera musik kami berubah. Kami yakin selera musik penggemar kami pun berubah. Ada satu hal yang paling kami hindari, dan itu adalah membuat sesuatu yang sudah pernah kami buat sebelumnya. Jadi kami memilih untuk berkembang dan berubah. Musik bukan sesuatu yang statis. Ia selalu berkembang dan berubah. Linkin Park ingin selalu memunculkan ide-ide baru dan berubah agar kami tak memproduksi sesuatu yang sudah ada.

Apa yang membuat kalian masih bertahan setelah lebih dari sepuluh tahun dan berganti jenis musik?
Kami selalu memperlakukan band kami sebagai band baru. Kami tidak menganggap bahwa mentang-mentang album perdana Linkin Park disukai banyak orang, penggemar akan tetap setia dan menyukai album-album berikutnya. Tidak seperti itu. Kami selalu mencari pendekatan yang baru, yang cutting edge, agar musik kami selalu bisa diterima. Kami juga selalu melibatkan emosi dalam lagu-lagu kami, sehingga kami mengerjakan materi album-album kami dengan sepenuh hati.

Linkin Park dikenal sebagai band yang serius dalam menggarap video klip. Video klip mana yang jadi favoritmu?
Secara pribadi saya suka Breaking The Habit, video klip kami yang formatnya anime. Itu adalah hasil kerjasama Joe Hahn dengan seorang animator terkenal asal Jepang. Video klip Faint juga bagus, banyak yang bilang bahwa video itu sangat ikonik. Sedangkan video klip yang paling berhasil menggambarkan emosi lagu adalah Irridescent, lagu kami yang jadi soundtrack Transformers 3.

Kabarnya sebanyak Rp 10 ribu rupiah dari satu tiket konser kalian di Jakarta yang berhasil terjual akan disumbangkan kepada korban bencana alam Gunung Lokon di Sumatera. Apa alasan kalian memilih Gunung Lokon?
Sejujurnya kami tidak tahu siapa yang akan menerima donasi tersebut, tapi kami memang selalu menyisihkan hasil penjualan tiket, minimal satu dollar dari setiap tiket, untuk disumbangkan lewat yayasan Music For Relief. Ini adalah yayasan yang menyalurkan donasi kepada para korban bencana alam di seluruh dunia. Mereka yang nantinya memilih akan memberi kemana. Kami tidak punya info lebih banyak tentang detail donasi ini, yang jelas di semua konser Linkin Park, kami selalu memberikan sebagian hasil penjualannya kepada Music For Relief untuk disalurkan kepada yang membutuhkan.

sumber : Yahoo! Indonesia OMG! via @ParamithaTriP

Siaran TV One Step Closer : A Tribute To Linkin Park

Bagi Anda yang tidak bisa hadir langsung diacara One Step Closer : A Tribute To Linkin Park Sabtu kemarin, jangan khawatir. Acara ini diliput stasiun TV lokal Bandung, PJTV. Acara ini disiarkan Sabtu-Minggu tanggal 17-18 September pukul 21.30 WIB. Dan untuk liputan lainnya, hari Kamis tanggal 15 September pukul 19.30 WIB.

Bagi Anda yang dari luar Bandung bisa lihat streaming-nya DI SINI.

referensi : @Tribute2LP.

Bleed It Out With No Roads Left/APFMH In The Bridge

Kali ini Linkin Park kembali membawakan suasana live yang baru. Biasanya lagu "Bleed It Out" dibarengi oleh bridge "A Place For My Head" kali ini, lagu "No Roads Left" tambahkan di bridge "Bleed It Out".

Mike Shinoda dan Serbuan Maut (The Raid)

Apakah kamu sudah mendengar mengenai film Serbuan Maut (The Raid)? Film ini merupakan film Indonesia yang disutradarai oleh Gareth H. Evans yang sebelumnya menyutradarai film ‘Merantau’ dan juga dibintangi oleh Iko Uwais yang sebelumnya ikut membintangi 'Merantau'. Kita boleh berbangga karena Mike Shinoda seperti yang ia tulis dalam blog-nya ikut ambil bagian dalam film ini. Untuk film Serbuan Maut (The Rain) score-nya akan dikerjakan oleh Mike Shinoda. Ini merupakan proyek score pertama Mike Shinoda untuk film layar lebar.

Kamu bisa membaca artikel yang ditulis Mike di blognya, di bawah ini:

For a long time, I have been wanting to score a film. In order for it to work, it would have to have a great story, stunning visuals, and the timing would have to work out in a way that didn’t distract from all the things I want to do with Linkin Park.

I’m really excited to have finally found the right project. The movie is called The Raid. Its intense martial arts choreography, amazing cinematography, and great story have been inspiring all kinds of new music. I’m excited for all of you to see—and hear—this film.

Below is the trailer (via MTV). It is age restricted due to violent content. I’ve attached some photos beneath that for those who can’t view the video.


Video yang ada di MTV dan blog Mike, hanya bisa dilihat untuk regional US. Bagi kamu yang penasaran trailer 'Serbuan Maut' (The Raid) dan seperti apa sih score yang dibuat Mike untuk film ini. Kamu bisa menontonnya di bawah ini:

thanks buat thehulkjr untuk ini!


LPTV: European Tour Bagian 3

Baru saja Linkin Park merilis episode LPTV terbaru yang juga merupakan seri ketiga dari European Tour. Kamu bisa melihatnya di bawah ini:

Untuk kamu yang belum menonton bagian I & II, kamu bisa menontonnya di bawah ini:

Bagian I

Bagian II

sumber: linkinparktv

A Thousand Horizons Full Show

Anda ketinggalan nonton live streaming A Thousand Horizons? Jangan kecewa, dibawah ada rekaman A Thousand Horizons full show.

Thanks a lot for LP Association.

Gathering Sebelum Konser

Sebelum konser berlangsung, Linkin Park Fans Indonesia mengadakan Gathering. Mengundang siapa saja fans Linkin Park dari seluruh Indonesia. Ini sebagai moment berkumpulnya fans Linkin Park dari seluruh Indonesia. Berikut adalah detailnya :

Hari/Tanggal : Rabu, 21 September 2011
Tempat : Stadion Gelora Bung Karno Gate VI
Waktu : Dimulai pukul 11.00 WIB.

Info lebih lanjut follow : @LPFItwit , @LPFIjkt

Yang ingin ikutan, silahkan daftarkan nama dan nomor handphone Anda ke @LPFIjkt , @rakioshi , @LaricyaBourdon

Saksikan 'A Thousand Horizons' Live Malam ini

Lewat akun Twitter mereka, Linkin Park mengingatkan bahwa event "A Thousand Horizons" bisa disaksikan secara langsung via streaming internet DI SINI dan Anda harus register dan punya akun di sana. Acara ini akan dimulai tanggal 9 September 2011 jam 18.00 WIB.

Watch our A THOUSAND HORIZONS event live online tonight from Tokyo at 4:00 AM PDT (Sept 9). Details here:

sumber : @linkinpark

UPDATE : Jika Anda ketinggalan menonton, bisa dilihat DI SINI.

Interview Chester Di Majalah Rolling Stone Indonesia

Rolling Stone Indonesia melalukan interview dengan Chester Bennington, membicarakan tentang proses album baru, bekerja sama kembali dengan Rick Rubin, dan kehidupan saat tur. Menurutnya Hybrid Theory adalah karya terbaik Linkin Park pada saat dan era itu, dan juga tiap album sampai sekarang adalah karya terbaik Linkin Park sesuai dengan eranya. Di sana juga ada sedikit tentang Linkin Park Fans Indonesia (LPFI). Berikut ada potongan scan majalah interview dengan Chester :

scan oleh Oshin.

Lelang Barang LP Untuk LPU Summit Di Tokyo

Pada acara LPU Summit 11 September nanti di Tokyo, Jepang, Linkin Park melelang barang-barang. Menerima cash, kartu kredit dan Paypal. Berikut adalah berang-barang yang akan dilelang. Klik untuk melihat barang yang akan dilelang.

Signed photo with YOU and Linkin Park - ¥15,370
Mike Shinoda's signed A Thousand Suns plaque from Switzerland - ¥11,510
Linkin Park Meteora Plaque from Thailand - ¥11,510
Signed A Thousand Suns Box Set - ¥7,770
Signed Meteora Banner - ¥5,760
Signed Hybrid Theory Vinyl - ¥3,850
Signed RARE LP Photo Proof Sheet (NEVER BEFORE SEEN!) #1 - ¥3,850
Signed RARE LP Photo Proof Sheet (NEVER BEFORE SEEN!) #2 - ¥3,850
Signed RARE Hybrid Theory T-Shirt - ¥3,850
Signed Linkin Park Hat - ¥3,850
Signed Hybrid Theory EP - ¥3,850
Fort Minor Drum Head - ¥3,850
Signed RARE Linkin Park DC Shoes - ¥3,850
Signed Meteora Poster - ¥3,850
Signed A Thousand Suns World Tour Poster - ¥3,850
Signed Xero Cassette Cover - ¥3,850
Signed Guitar Pick Guard - ¥3,850
Signed Dead By Sunrise Litho - ¥3,850
Signed Official 2008 World Tour Laminate - ¥3,850
RARE Hybrid Theory T-Shirt - ¥2,300

sumber/info lebih lanjut :

Tribute To Linkin Park DVD Cover Art Contest

Dalam acara Tribute To Linkin Park mendatang akan didokumentasikan dalam bentuk DVD. DVD tersebut akan diserahkan langsung kepada Linkin Park dan akan ditandatangi. Kami, meminta Anda untuk mendesain cover DVD tersebut, kreasikan imajinasi Anda dengan syarat ketentuan sebagai berikut :

  • Desain menggunakan warna, logo dan jenis huruf yang sesuai dengan acara One Step Closer Tribute to Linkin Park (download lampiran)
  • Jenis huruf yg digunakan “Myriad Pro” dan “Bebas” (download lampiran)
  • Desain harus terdiri dari 2 (dua) bagian, desain cover depan-belakang casing DVD & desain pada piringan CD nya
  • Untuk ukuran cover, menggunakan format casing DVD potrait (download lampiran)
  • Diperbolehkan untuk mendesain kemasan diluar format casing DVD (costum) namun desain harus logis dan sertakan dengan cara membuatnya.
  • Output desain dalam format *.png atau *.tiff
  • Desain selambat-lambatnya diterima sampai tanggal 13 September 2011
  • Desain dibuat untuk bisa ditulis, dalam artian ada space atau tempat yang berwarna terang untuk bisa ditandatangani personil Linkin Park.

Untuk lampiran, silahkan DOWNLOAD DI SINI. Jika karya Anda sudah selesai, silahkan kirim ke dengan subject : DVD Cover Art Contest serta cantumkan Nama Lengkap dan Nomor Handphone pada isi email.
Yang menang, tentu saja cover art-nya akan diberikan langsung oleh Linkin Park.

Untuk info lebih lanjut silahkan follow @Tribute2LP atau @iDay_mh2k.

Indonesia's Dedication to LP - "Sebuah Buku Untuk Linkin Park"

Ini adalah perlombaan/kompetisi, pemaknaan positif lirik lagu-lagu LINKIN PARK untuk seluruh member LPFI. Kumpulan karya pemenang akan dibukukan dan akan kami serahkan kepada LINKIN PARK sebagai suatu persembahan dari komunitas kami, LPFI. Selain itu, buku pun akan kami cetak dalam jumlah yang lebih banyak, untuk kemudian kami jual kepada member-member LPFI; dan sambil berjalan pun akan kami usahakan supaya diterimaoleh pulisher, yang kemudian juga buku ini akan dijual di toko-toko buku seluruh Nusantara.

Tujuan dari kegiatan ini adalah, untuk mengapresiasi LINKIN PARK, beserta seluruh lagu-lagu karya ciptaan mereka, dengan cara menunjukkan bahwa kami semua telah menerima pesan2 terbaik yang terkandung dari setiap lagunya, juga merasakan manfaat dan perubahan positif pada kehidupan nyata.

Berikut adalah peraturannya :

1. Diketik pada MS Word (max. 2007)
Ukuran kertas A5,
Margin all 2,54
Line Spacing 1,5
Font: Arial, Size: 12
Maximal 1 halaman Full A5 itu

2. Wajib mencantumkan Nama Jelas
Nomor kontak

3. Seluruh karya wajib dikumpulkan paling lambat pada hari Minggu tanggal 11 September 2011 pukul 24.00 ke FORM INI.

Jika ada pertanyaan atau ada hal apapun bisa berkomentar di dokumen ini.

Joe : Be a part of our special event, "A Thousand Horizons"

Joe Hahn mengatakan kepada fans yang tidak bisa mengikuti langsunng event "A Thousans Horizons" terutama diluar Jepang bisa berpartisipasi diacara ini.

Caranya, rekam video Anda yang sedang bernyanyi "Iridescent". Latar belakang video harus polos tidak ada apapun dan tidak ada properti apapun (poster, gambar, dll). Kemudian upload vidoenya DI SINI.

Berikut adalah pernyataan Joe Hahn :

We want to include fans from all over the world in our special “A Thousand Horizons” event in Tokyo, which will be streamed live across the globe. Please take a few minutes to go here and submit a video of you singing “Iridescent.” Just make sure you are in front of a plain background when recording (no pictures, posters, etc.), and don’t include other property images such as other brands, characters or other items.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions and bringing all of your "A Thousand Faces" with us to Tokyo.


sumber : LP Blog.

Chester Kembali Membicarakan Album Baru

Chester berbicara singkat kepada MTV disela-sela "Secret Show For Japan" tentang album ke 5 Linkin Park. Lihat potongan artikelnya dan videonya di bawah :

"We just kind of began. We like to keep the creative juices flowing, so we try to keep that going all the time," he said. "We don't know when the next record is going to be done. We are in the beginning phases of that. We're still winding down A Thousand Suns and touring for that, so I can tell you we are working and we're excited, and we like the direction that we're going in."

Bennington added that the band has been working closely with producer Rick Rubin, who will once again helm the sessions for the yet-untitled disc. And though it's still early, Linkin Park are already pleased with the results.

"[Rick's] involved all the way, all the time, from the very beginning. You know, we ask him, 'What do you think of these ideas?' " he said. "And we're kind of getting the wheels rolling. ... It's so hard to talk about something that hasn't been created yet, but, like I said, we definitely like the way things are going already." lihat selengkapnya di sini.

Sejauh ini hanya Chester saja membicarakan tentang album berikutnya dan hanya memberikan informasi yang sedikit. Semetara Mike Shinoda mengatakan "Aku belum punya ide, album ini bahkan belum selesai...".

Bagaimana menurut Anda?

sumber : MTV video by MSC.

Top Supporters - Linkin Park & B'z Show For Japan

Official Chanel YouTube Music For Relief menunjukan beberapa supporter untuk "Secret Show For Japan". Mereka memberitahu kita bagaimana mereka memberikan kontribusi dari dana yang terkumpul sebesar $350,000 untuk membantu Jepang. memposting sebuah artikel tentang highlights "Secret Show" di Mayan Theatre

Linkin Park's 2000 debut, Hybrid Theory, became the biggest selling album in America in 2001, and the California rockers graduated quickly to playing arenas. So last night's 90-minute show at the 1,500-seat Mayan Theater in Downtown Los Angeles was not just a very rare opportunity to see the top-selling rock band of the last decade in a small setting, but was also the band's smallest full gig in a decade.

The occasion was a unique benefit for the group's own Music for Relief organization; the band had invited its top donors from around the world. "We gave you guys a challenge and you blew right past it," frontman Chester Bennington told the audience. Indeed, the minimum amount required to get an invite to the show was $500, but the top individual raised $13,000 and in total the night generated over $350,000 for victims in Japan of the March 11 earthquake, and susequent tsunami and nuclear disasters.

"The money you raised is fucking great. It's all about you," said Mike Shinoda.

Energized by both the occasion and the setting, the band managed to deliver almost their full show –including five video screens, drummer Rob Bourdon and Joe Hahn on rafters, a giant disco ball during "Shadow Of the Day," and more production staples in a much more intimate way. lihat selengkapnya di sini.

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