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Mike sempat masuk LPU Chat. Seperti biasa, Mike suka datang tiba-tiba di LPU Chat. Dia tidak terlalu bicara banyak, berikut adalah transkripnya :
[11:37 PM] mike: Thanks guys!
[11:37 PM] mike: Lots of love in here.
[11:37 PM] mike: And stalkers.

[11:38 PM] jessymanda: apparentli iheart radio is only avalible in the us. i used to be able to listen
[11:38 PM] mike: Yeah, we’re looking into the “US Only” thing. They changed it on us
[11:38 PM] mike: IHeartRadio changed the availability. Lame

[11:39 PM] mike: Games: we like making games. Hoping something might work out for next year!

[11:39 PM] mike:
[11:39 PM] mike: Does that link work outside US?
[11:40 PM] mike: Adam says yes.
[11:40 PM] mike: So you can all listen there then. Please spread the word.

[11:49 PM] mike: Sorry, just recording some tings
[11:58 PM] mike: IM BACK FOOL

[11:58 PM] shineyshadow: MIKEY From where do you get your inspirations for your art?
[11:59 PM] mike: Shineyshadow – all kinds of places…but that leads me to something I’m going to
[11:59 PM] mike: answer on LP Radio…hmmm….

[12:03 AM] mike: Sorry guys, I think I have to go.
[12:04 AM] mike: A lot going on over here…sorry!
[12:04 AM] mike: You guys are awesome. Thanks, and enjoy the musica
[12:05 AM] mike: BYE
Thanks to MSC.
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