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Phoenix menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan dari para fans lewat Twittenya. Berikut adalah Q&A nya :

5 minute Q&A... Go.

“@tainefreitas: @phoenixlp What you doing now?” Q&A

“@LPcatitoRJA: @phoenixlp what's one country you haven't visited that you wish you could play at?” S. Africa

“@smallpkgtnt: @phoenixlp Where do u see yourself in 10 years?” Center-half for Man U.

“@VWazlib: @phoenixlp can you say some words in spanish?” Aye Mirta, donde esta mi corbata azul?

“@JessVinchi: @phoenixlp Why you're so beautiful?” Photo shop.

“@Michellespd: @phoenixlp would you like to come to south america again?” Como no.

“@zeuscaldas: @phoenixlp when Linkin Park will back to Brazil? we love you!” When we start touring again for the next album.

“@LuvRyanimay13: @phoenixlp Whats ur fav song from Thousand suns mines When They Come For Me” Probably Blackout.

“@Larke12: @phoenixlp What is your favorite Nintendo game?” PX- For NES... RBI Baseball or Tecmo Bowl.

“@lucinhaxx: @phoenixlp Do you plan or want to come back to Brazil soon?” PX- of course. I love Brazil... Already getting excited for 2014.

“@PaperWulf: @phoenixlp Coming back to DC anytime soon? You guys cancelled and I was going to see you!" PX- hopefully sooner than later!

“@DianneSalcedo: @phoenixlp Do u know my name?” PX- I could make an educated guess... Dianne?

“@KarlosLHart: @phoenixlp why do you answer everyone's questions except mine? :(” PX- to irk you.

“@tohellandbackx: @phoenixlp Do you want to play in Rock in Rio 2013 in Brazil?” I'd love to.

“@AndressaLP: @phoenixlp do you like horror movies?” PX- if they're good.

“@Avi_S9: @phoenixlp Which is the greatest band of all time?” PX- Beatles?

“@Ink3d13: @phoenixlp how tall r u? 5'8"?” PX- 5'9"... But 6'3" in my goth boots.

“@MimixCB: @phoenixlp what do u think about Slipknot?” I listen to them on occasion. Had fun touring with them a while back.

“@Sytothe: @phoenixlp what's the best advice you could give to a fellow musician?” PX- It will be harder to get things going in PEI.

“@mar_lovesrock: @phoenixlp I thought you were the coolest, but chester replied me and you don't!” -Chester is the coolest by far.

“@PilotFlyLykPapr:this is an odd question but do you own a snuggie? Thinking about getting one...” PX- wear your bathrobe backwards.

“@Leidymar: @phoenixlp I know that it's a tiny probability that you read this, just know that Venezuela wants you!” -noted.

Sorry for flooding inboxes... Thanks for your questions. If you requested a "hi" and didn't get one, hi. Thanks.
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