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LPU Chat With Mike, 17 Juni

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Mike mampir di LPU Chat di kamar hotelnya di Berlin pada pukul 11 PM (waktu lokal) atau sekitar subuh tadi. Berikut adalah kesimpulannya :

  • Can’t get the V Shape stage because they have to send it over, they have to make do with the flat stages they have at festivals.
  • Not sure if they are finished touring for ATS after the Asia tour because they have family stuff to consider, and they’re not a band who has the strict schedule of touring and then making an album and then touring… this routine works better for them.
  • He talked a bit about setlists, he said that for everyone one who wants to see one thing live other people will be bummbed for whatever they take out of the setlist to make room for it. He asked us what our favourite Linkin Park songs are and what song we would be dissapointed to be not on the set list if we went to see them live.
  • About No Roads Left live, he said they practised and recorded it and there was something he didnt like about the performance when they played it back.
  • They’re sticking to the current set lists while they get used to playing them again.
  • He said he appreciates that people would love to see song live that are not a part of the regular setlists, but that, particularly for festival shows where the crowds are not full of die-hard Linkin Park fans its difficult as these crowds will want to see the singles that they know-of being played.
  • His cut finger is doing much better and he showed us the blender that he cut it with, he said he uses it to make smoothies and protein shakes.
  • In his hotel room he had coffee, water, his blender, and his dirty laundry.
  • He said that they will announce the winner of the Iridescent art contest soon, they had narrowed it down to 5/6 and each band member had voted, the winner is from Malaysia.
  • He asked us if we were following him on instagram.
  • He just saw the new X Men movie, he said it was ok but he was mad that some review has compared it to The Dark Knight, which is his favourite superhero movie, he said there is no comparison.
  • Mike talked about Russia for a bit and one of his best memories was when he saw this Linkin Park billboard (ground level) and he saw writing on it. He got closer to see what was written and it was welcome messages, in English and Russian.
  • He also mentioned that Chester will be flying to Germany tomorrow and that they sometimes get spread out on tour.

Transkrip chat :
[22:21] m_shinoda:
[22:23] m_shinoda: OK I was drawing on the whiteboard. All done.

[22:23] jenslp: mike why is your name now m_shinoda and not mikeshinoda?
[22:24] m_shinoda: What? It’s m_shinoda again? Ugh, it keeps changing.

[22:24] anaphx: your favourite starbucks mister shinoda what is it`?
[22:24] m_shinoda: I like coffee.

[22:25] m_shinoda: I left the drawing.
[22:25] m_shinoda: Weenie Roast was fun. I had tech problems, but it was all good.

[22:26] aravind22221: MIKE>> optimus or bumblebee
[22:26] m_shinoda: Optimus, I think.

(RE: a comment on the recent Kerrang interview with Chester)
[22:26] m_shinoda: Polarize people? This album isn’t NEARLY done. I have no idea.

[22:27] m_shinoda: Metric? I like that band.
[22:27] m_shinoda: Android tablets: I saw a windows-based tablet tonight, which looked great. Android could
[22:28] m_shinoda: METROID

[22:28] fudgebunneh: Mike do you like Rebecca Black?
[22:28] m_shinoda: FRIE_DAY_FRIEEE_DAYYY

[22:29] m_shinoda: I’m going to go…but I’m going to leave you with something amazing.
[22:29] m_shinoda:
[22:30] m_shinoda: BYE

sumber : Mike Shinoda Clan.
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