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Remix 'Issho ni' untuk Mike

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Kemarin lewat blog-nya Mike memposting reaksi fans terhadap track 'Issho ni'.

This is “Issho Ni,” the Linkin Park song we contributed to There were a lot of positive comments (thanks), and I also saw some of you were saying: 1.) you thought it should have been arranged in a different way, because you wanted more “action” earlier in the song, and 2.) you thought there should have been vocals.
I’ll tell you what: you guys edit it, add vocals, sample it, do whatever you like–I’ll let you finish the song. The vocals don’t have to be about Japan, they can be about whatever. Sing, rap, rearrange, remix, write new material, whatever….and I’ll post the best versions I hear up here on

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi! Buat 'Issho ni' sesuai versimu dan kirimkan pada Mike. Remix terbaik akan dipasang Mike di blognya.

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