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Video Proses Seleksi LP Feat. You

Anda bisa melihat Video Proses Seleksi LP Feat. You di MySpace. Dalam video tersebut Mike melakukan video chat dengan pemenang kontes, yaitu NoBraiN.


Dibalik Layar Medal of Honor Teaser Dengan Joe memposting Dibalik Layar Medal of Honor Teaser Dengan Joe Hahn. Full trailernya akan dirilis 1 Agustus nanti.



Pemenang Linkin Park Featuring You adalah :


Ini adalah postingan Mike di blognya :

We’ve been calling it a premix contest: the “Linkin Park Featuring You” contest on MySpace has now come to a close, and we have a winner. No joking around this time…our winner is:


His real name is Czeslaw (his nickname is Chex) and he’s an English teacher from Swidnica, Poland. I had an amazing conversation on Skype with him, where I told him the good news. Video of that is coming soon.

As I’ve said before, the quality of the MySpace remixes were amazing–even better than we had expected. Thank you all for your music and your votes. I’ll be giving away a full list of the top 20 finalists here on shortly.

In a couple of days, you’ll be able to hear the real thing: our new single, “The Catalyst,” comes out on MONDAY.

But until then, go HERE to listen to NoBraiN’s winning track, on the Linkin Park music player.

sumber :

Mike Memberikan Sedikit Detail ATS

Mike chat di . Dan memberikan sedikit detail tentang ATS. "rapping on new album = yes", "some of the best beats I've / We've ever made, too" dan "its between 45 and 50 minutes". Anda bisa melihat screenshotnya dibawah.

sumber : ;


Linkin Park telah menemukan pemenang kontes Featuring You di My Space. Ini adalah postingan Mike Shinoda di blognya :

We found our winner.

In the past few weeks, the band, our management, MySpace, and our friends sifted through the thousands of submissions. We searched the top 100, and then we went deeper. Using randomly-generated recommendations on Indaba, and searching by date, we found 20 finalists.

A few days ago, my bandmates and I listened to the top 20. We voted, and we’ve got a winner.

The winner……will be announced this weekend.

sumber :

Mike : I’m on Digg

Mike Shinoda mempunyai akun Digg sekarang. Ini adalah postingan di blognya :

Random note: I recently added a new user page on Go HERE to add me.

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LINKIN PARK SHOW ADDED IN DORTMUND, GERMANY telah mengkorfirmasi penambahan tour di Dortmund, Jerman...

Linkin Park has added a show at Westfalenhalle 1 in Dortmund, Germany on October 26th. LPU members can purchase pre-sale tickets starting tomorrow at 09:00 AM CET. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday, July 31 at 09:00 AM CET at

sumber :

2 Radio Akan Memutar The Catalyst Online

Dua radio dari luar yaitu, X96 Radio dan BBC Radio. Akan memutar The Catalyst Secara online pada Senin nanti.

referensi : ; Artikel X96 Radio, Artikel BBC Radio

1 Track ATS Tambahan Untuk Jepang

A Thousand Suns versi Jepang ditambah 1 bonus track, yaitu "New Devide (live)". Hal ini telah di konfirmasi oleh Warner Music Japan.

referensi : &

Video Pertama Dari Backstage Transformers 3

Ini adalah Video Pertama Dari Backstage Transformers 3 di Chicago. Linkin Park telah mengisi soundtrack 2 film Transformers sebelumnya. Apakah di Transformers 3 ini Linkin Park akan mengisi kembali soundtracknya..??? Kita tunggu saja...

sumber :

Preview Baru The Catalyst

Ini adalah preview baru dari The Catalyst...
Anda bisa mendengar dan mendownloadnya di :



USA Today Mewawancarai Phoenix

"...We worked with a lot of sounds and arrangements that we weren't familiar with, well, anyone doing at the moment. It's just one of those records where I think people are going to have to hear it and sit with it a little bit, hopefully listen to it from front to back and get a feel for what's going on vibe-wise and where it's going as a journey. We definitely made it to be listened to as a journey, as a 45-minute album."

Anda bisa melihat artikel selengkapnya *DI SINI*

referensi :


I'm excited to announce that we're putting "The Catalyst" (our first single) in the upcoming EA game Medal of Honor. I just directed a trailer for it, which will be released on August 1st. Check out now and you can see a teaser.


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Linkin Park - The Catalyst (OFFICIAL PREVIEW)

Ini adalah preview dari The Catalyst yang berasl dari chanel Linkin Park TV di Youtube. Berdurasi 30 detik...


Rob Bourdon telah mengkonfirmasi penambahan tour di Buenos Aires, Argentina di Valez Stadium pada 7 Oktober nanti...

Our Fall tour will be kicking off on October 7th with a newly announced show in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Valez Stadium. We’re excited to head back to South America and can’t wait to see everyone at the show. Ticket info for this show coming soon.


sumber :

Tracklist Album A Thousand Suns

1. The Requiem
2. The Radiance
3. Burning In The Skies
4. Empty Spaces
5. When They Come For Me
6. Robot Boy
7. Jornada Del Muerto
8. Waiting For The End
9. Blackout
10. Wretches And Kings
11. Wisdom, Justice, And Love
12. Iridescent
13. Fallout
14. The Catalyst
15. The Messenger

Mike : Detail & Jawaban Dari Pertanyaan ATS Pre-Order

Alrightee folks. The pre-order for A THOUSAND SUNS is here. I wanted to take a minute to give you some more details about the stuff and answer some questions.

1.) With any purchase, you get the digital version of the album FOR FREE. Yes, even if you buy the skate deck or the tee shirt, you get the album free. You also get early access to concert tickets to our shows (which means you’ll get better seats).

2.) The DVD included in the first two items is called MEETING OF A THOUSAND SUNS. It’s the best documentary of a Linkin Park album ever made. I’m not just saying that. It’s the best everrrrr.

3.) The Deluxe Box Set includes the CD, DVD, the album on two vinyl records, a print of the album art (for your wall, if you so desire), and a HARDCOVER BOOK. The book is NOT just the album booklet, blown up bigger. It’s a special book, designed for and only included with the box set. And by the way…the Regular CD, Mid-level CD/DVD, and the Box Set will all have different art booklets.

4.) Q: “When do I get everything?”
A: The second it becomes available from us to you (aka the earliest time possible in the known universe, as determined by the Sun, Earth, gravity, the speed of light, and Warner Bros. Records). In the meantime, we’ll be sending you guys a couple other things, just for fun: video clips, early snippets, who knows? But the bottom line is, you get more when you order from us directly. All you do is enter your email address when you check out, and we’ll email you a link to the stuff (such as: The Catalyst, A Thousand Suns) the moment it is ready for download.

5.) Q: I’m afraid to give my email address. Is it safe?
A: Ask the members of LPU. We don’t spam, and we treat our members with respect–we don’t sell or give away your info. In fact, my own email address is on the list, so I know the list doesn’t get compromised!

…I hope that clears up the basic questions about the pre-order on If you haven’t already, feel free to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere you go online. Thanks for your support…we can’t wait for you to hear A THOUSAND SUNS.

sumber :

Tracklist Single The Catalyst

Berdasarkan Warner Music Germany. CD single The Catalyst akan berisi 2 track...

01. The Catalyst
02. New Divide (Live)

referensi : & Warner Music Germany

Message From Mike


I have some very exciting news for you. Today, you can finally pre-order for our album, A Thousand Suns on

The album comes in two forms: a CD/DVD package, or super-mega-amazing box set (which contains a CD, DVD, vinyl, a book, and other magical stuff).

There is also a limited-edition, custom skate deck autographed by the band, and a brand new album art t-shirt. The digital version of the album is included FREE with all purchases. We'll email you the album first, before anyone else. And if you decide to buy all of the stuff I've just mentioned, you'll even get a discount.

One other major perk of buying from you also get early access to purchase tickets for our US tour (which is coming soon).

I can't wait for you guys to hear this album. We've put all our energy into it, taken risks, and crafted something we believe is truly special.

Click here to pre-order A Thousand Suns.


New LPTV Episode : Something New

LPTV menambahlan episode barunya. Kali ini berisi tentang para personil LP sedang berdiskusi sebuah lagu yang berjudul "Iridescent"

Find more videos like this on

Unlock "Behind The Sounds" Video Di Facebook

Halaman Facebook Linkin Park diperbaharui dengan "exclusive behind the scenes video of A Thousand Suns".
Namun Anda tida bisa melihat videonya. :)

Seperti pada Twitter kemarin. Untuk membuka video secara keseluruhan, kali ini Anda harus share halaman tersebut ke banyak orang, baru Anda bisa melihat videonya...

Ayo, mulailah dari sekarang dengan mengklik


Ini adalah komen favorit Mike tentang LP featuring You Fansite Edition di Blog-nya...

In celebration of the final round of the FEATURING YOU, Fansite edition (they invited all the non-eligible MySpace contest peeps to participate in a side contest), I’m shouting our,, and in this one.

Fans just unlocked the image of the album cover for A THOUSAND SUNS (above), and here are some of my favorite comments on those sites about it.

Errol (LPA):
It reminds me of those movies where people go to a psychologist, and they have all these pictures with ink spots on them. “So.. what do you see on this picture?”

Cure4TheItch (LPA): You know what this really confirms? Linkin Park is one ballsy band. And they’re taking a chance every way they can with this new album.

LPsoldier0303 (LPL): So when does pre order start?

Jesse (LPA): I like it it reminds me of some algorithms generated pictures from different galaxies that I’ve seen from NASA

Cbass (LPL): It may be simple, but it could be ICONIC. Just like dark side of the moon

Subs (LPL): It may run with the whole concept and art direction of the album, but I think the biggest problem with this is obvious ? WHY have it so minimalistic ? Think of it, fourth album, have something truly great. The spliced up images of Linkin Park/The Catalyst is more impressive. I mean out of everything they could have created, why create something so normal ?

LPL Veteran (LPL): Oh come on guys how will a cover determine the quality of the music? When we buy the CD, what is the first thing we do, listen to the songs…

SomedudeRemix (LPL): This entire topic is proof that fucking nothing the band does pleases ANYONE. I like the art too. It’s different. There’s no text cluttering the shit up. It’s just art, out there. Why does it need to be ‘explained’? Real art doesn’t need an explanation.

Joe (LPA): This is a very risky and brave move by them, and I like that they’re leaving it nameless. I love that they’re taking chances like this. This album just gets better and better and I still maintain this will be their best album yet.


These are just a sample of the madness that is going on in the message boards, Twitter, Facebook…Seems like this cover has you guys talking.

And by the way…LPsoldier0303: the answer to your question is…the preorder starts NOW.

Mike : “LP Featuring You” on All Things Digital

My favorite part:

“There is a huge unknown factor and this is not something we would have done five years ago,’ he said of the latest collaboration contest. “But I am not afraid of my fans being good at music, even if it turns out they are better than me.”

Until a winner is selected, here’s a most excellent music video of my favorite Linkin Park song, “Shadow of the Day,” because I wish I had written the perfect and simple line, “Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple/Sometimes goodbye’s the only way” (maybe some fan will write something as good)

Thanks to Kara for an awesome piece.

Sebelumnya LPFI memposting ini

Album Cover Revealed

Gambar diatas adalah cover dari album A Thousand Suns. Ini adalah gambar pixel yang telah selesai di

Dan ini adalah postingan dari Blog Mike Shinoda :

The album cover of A THOUSAND SUNS has been revealed at

Chester Bennington di Film "Saw 3D"

Chester Bennington akan bermain dalam film terbaru Saw yang berjudul "Saw 3D"! Film tersebut akan dirilis pada tanggal 22 Oktober 2010 nanti.
Artikel dan trailer lengkapnya bisa Anda lihat di

Dan Anda bisa mendownload videonya *DI SINI*

I’m With the Band: Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Talks About Online Fan Collaboration Contest

It’s nice to hear enthusiasm on the part of Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda about an innovative-for-the-music-industry effort to give fans a chance to be part of the iconic Grammy-winning rock band.

That’s because most artists or content creators–while making all the right sounds about the Internet’s impact on their business–often privately cringe about the idea of the ongoing flood of user-generated material that has drastically changed the industry.

Not Shinoda, who is certain he will find some real talent via a new online contest, called “Linkin Park, Featuring You,” that gives anyone an opportunity to collaborate with the band to produce an original song based on some of the tracks from the forthcoming single “The Catalyst.”

The song is on Linkin Park’s next album, “A Thousand Suns,” to be released September 14.

“We looked at it as both risky and fun to save a spot on the record that could be just anything,” he said in an interview with BoomTown earlier this week. “It’s creative, lets the fans be heard and, of course, is a great way to promote the album.”

Of course it is, but Shinoda said he is not expecting to have to put any bad quality music on the record just to sell more music.

“The album could not be any more sacred to us and this is certainly an X-factor, which is kind of a move against the grain for us,” he said. “But the Internet has actually given a lot more people a chance to be heard and, as it has turned out, amateurs are so much better than we ever expected.”

So far, Shinoda said he has just sampled a few dozen of the thousands of submissions so far, either selecting randomly or via a popularity ranking system the contest uses. He said he’s also using a range of people who are part of the Linkin Park team to filter material.

But, ultimately, Shinoda and his bandmates (pictured here) will pick the winning submission, which will either be included on the band’s new album or the winner will be invited to perform with the band on a song on the upcoming record. Either way, a pretty good prize for an aspiring musician.

Shinoda said he is hoping to hear a lot of different sounds from electronic music to keyboards to guitars and even horns (“No one has submitted a horn version so far,” he laughed. “But I hope someone does.”)

Linkin Park is using a group of Internet companies to carry out the massive user-generated effort, including: MySpace Music (platform, promotion and direct fan messaging); Indaba Music (hosting the MySpace application that allows musicians to auto-syndicate their remixes on MySpace); Top Spin Media (using their email for a song widget to deliver audio stems to all participants); and Ning (the back end to Linkin Park’s Web site where they are also distributing the audio stems to push back to contest)

There have been remix contests online done before, such as for Snoop Dogg’s “That Tree” Remix Contest that had 8,000 entries and generated a lot of fan interest.

But this effort is clearly more ambitious, perhaps because Shinoda is clearly a techie, with an ongoing interest in filling the Linkin Park Web site with puzzles, games and other interactive features.

In fact, Linkin Park had already conducted a smaller contest for fans to submit designs for characters used in a game the band released in April, called “8-Bit Rebellion,” for the Apple (AAPL) iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. And, after the game was completed by a player, it unlocked a new song, “Blackbirds.”

Shinoda said the band hopes to do even more digitally, trying to involve and engage fans in ways that they never would have tried before.

“There is a huge unknown factor and this is not something we would have done five years ago,’ he said of the latest collaboration contest. “But I am not afraid of my fans being good at music, even if it turns out they are better than me.”

Until a winner is selected, here’s a most excellent music video of my favorite Linkin Park song, “Shadow of the Day,” because I wish I had written the perfect and simple line, “Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple/Sometimes goodbye’s the only way” (maybe some fan will write something as good):

And here’s a blog by Sam Wick, SVP of Marketing at MySpace Music, about its partnership with Linkin Park:

Linkin Park Wants To Put You on Their New Album

Linkin Park is arguably one of the biggest rock acts in the world with more than seven million fans on MySpace and iLike, two Grammy wins and a boatload of accolades from the music community. So, needless to say, we were more than a little excited to help the band launch their next album, “A Thousand Suns.”

This is a band that’s almost as passionate about social media and technology as they are about the music they create–and they came to MySpace, because we have a proven track record of successfully architecting custom album campaigns that uniquely marry music to innovation on a global scale. With this in mind, we knew we had to do something that not only raises global awareness of the new album, but really plays into the intimate artist-to-fan connection that Linkin Park has been cultivating on our platform for years. And so “Linkin Park, Featuring You” was born–a multi-phase program that each of our 30 territories across the world are rolling out locally.

Linkin Park, Featuring You begins on MySpace with a music application that allows fans to create their own original version of the band’s new single “The Catalyst” and ends with the rare opportunity for one worthy fan to have his or her song stripped onto the next album. SERIOUS. To make this happen, Linkin Park and MySpace Music brought together Topspin Media, Ning and Indaba Music–a true technology trifecta–to allow fans to interact and play with the music before it is even released. Again, SERIOUS.

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park has this message to share with his fans on MySpace and across the Web:

“In the lifetime of Linkin Park, the evolution of community and music technology has blurred the line between artist and fan. With the release of our new album we want to push it even further and so we are making a commitment to our fans that is a first of its kind: We are blindly dedicating a spot on our new album to something unknown. That space is reserved for you and we’re confident that you will create something that we can be proud to include on “A Thousand Suns.” This is not just a “fan-remix” contest; we want to collaborate with you. This effort is made possible by the global 360 music platform of MySpace, and the dedication and talent of our incredible fans. Thank you. We look forward to hearing your submissions.”

Here’s how it works: By installing the Indaba Music-powered app on MySpace, fans have access to five stems from “The Catalyst” that they can use to re-arrange and re-imagine the song using either their own Digital Audio Workstation or with Indaba’s free, Web-based software. Once submitted, users can vote for their favorite versions and help the band in their quest to identify new talent and ultimately pick a winner.

“Linkin Park, Featuring You” is just the beginning of a much larger partnership between the band and MySpace Music that will provide Linkin Park fans with recognition worldwide with access to live shows, exclusive content and premieres as well as opportunities to connect and interact with the band in ways that only MySpace Music can offer.

Be sure to get your entries in by July 25th and don’t forget to spread the word about the contest to your friends around the world–and go buy the new single on August 2nd.

by Kara Swisher

Mike : Who said there were 12?

Mungkin ini adalah tanggapan Mike tentang postingan *INI* . Yang bersumber dari majalah Perancis itu...
Ini adalah tweet dari Twitter-nya :

Who said there were 12, anyway? I didn't.

saw description of 6 of our new songs online. it said "other 6 are hard rock." ha. nobody has heard anything but the first 6. #athousandsuns

Snippet Baru Dari The Catalyst

Ini adalah Snippet Baru Dari The Catalyst. Hanya berdurasi 11 detik. Disini kita bisa mendengarkan duet Mike dan Chester bernyanyi dilatar belakangi piano dan drum.
Anda bisa melihatnya *DI SINI*
Tetapi sebagian orang tidak membuka video tersebut. Jangan khawatir, Anda bisa mendownloadnya *DI SINI* ....

We have something waiting for you at LINKINPARK.COM,

Tampilan depan telah berubah halaman flash ambigu baru. Tampaknya Anda harus terhubung ke Twitter melalui homepage mereka dan meramaikan hashtag #AThousandsuns ...
Dengan setiap orang meng-tweet, akan membuka titik pixel gambar yang belum lengkap di atas. Apakah ini? Cover A Thousand Suns...??? Jika ingin tahu jawabanya,
ramaikan hashtag #AThousandsuns. Setiap pixel mewakili 1 orang tweet.
Ini adalah tweet dari Twitter Mike Shinoda :
#AThousandSuns We have something waiting for you at

Silahkan masuk ke Twitter Anda melalui ini.
Cekidot sekarang juga....!!!!

New LPUTV Episode : Tasty Park

Dalam video ini, Phoenix dan Brad sedang maminkan gitar akustik di studio. Disana juga ada Joe Hahn dan Chester...

Anda bisa mendownload videonya DI SINI...

LP featuring You Fansite Edition Voting

Sumbit The Catalyst Remix Fansite Edition sudah berakhir. Silahkan masuk ke LPLive, LPTimes, dan LPAssociation untuk melakukan voting. Pilih remix-an kesukaanmu untuk jadi pemenang...

LPU9 Newsletter Suggestions

LPU ingin mendengar saran Anda tentang apa yang ingin Anda lihat di LPU9 Newsletter nanti. Isi ide artikel, atau apa saja untuk newsletter ini.
Postingkan saran Anda di FORUM DISKUSI LPFI DI FACEBOOK dengan JUDUL "LPU9 Newsletter EPIC", nanti akan saya sampaikan ke LPU.

INGAT...!!! KALAU BISA POSTINGAN HARUS BERBAHASA INGGRIS...!!! Supaya saya tidak repot-repot mentranslate bahasa Anda... :)
Jika saya masih bisa masuk lagi di LPU bulan Agustus nanti tentunya tidak akan ada batas waktu sampai LPU9 Newsletter keluar... :)

Berikut adalah saran dari beberapa member LPU :

-Question, I would like to hear if there is any country that Linkin Park especially likes touring in.
One of the few swedes around...

-as long as i get news for LPU 10 i will be happy lol

-How About The Behind the Scenes for the Catalyst Single For the LPU9 News Letter or How about The Making A thousand Suns Album in the LPU9 News Letter ?

-maybe, information about the next LPU, if there will be discounts or exclusive sales, concert dates for 2011. Exclusive content of "A Thousand Suns" and information about the 2nd single.

Linkin Park - The Catalyst (mix by Keaton Hashimoto)

Dari Facebook Linkin Park

Check out this submission for our "Linkin Park, featuring YOU" contest. Go here to hear more:


Dari blog-nya Mike

How do those sloppy seconds taste, Tron App?

01001001 01101101 01101001 01110100 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101000 01101001 01100111 01101000 01100101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 01101101 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100110 01101100 01100001 01110100 01110100 01100101 01110010 01111001 00101100 00100000 01100010 01101001 01100001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00101110

Artinya : "Imitation is the highest form of flattery, biatch."

Tampak seperti pesan puzzle yang Anda berikan yaa Mike... :)

Gambar-Gambar Orang Tersembunyi

Lihat di balik logo Linkin Park itu. Tampak seperti Chester menurut saya.... (klik gambar untuk memperbesar)

Lihat juga lingkaran (yang ini sudah di posting sebelumnya) kepala Mike & Chester. (klik gambar untuk memperbesar)

Agak menyeramkan yaaa.... :) :p

6 Sampler Track Dari "A Thousand Suns"

Sebuah majalah dari Perancis memberikan 6 Sampler Track Dari "A Thousand Suns" beserta rincian lagu dan panjang durasi.
Berikut adalah isinya :

Friday, July 16 took place at Warner plays a few songs from the new album of Linkin Park, A Thousand Suns, whose output is fixed at 13 September. Two management representatives of Linkin Park arrive in early afternoon with their luggage a disk that is half of the album, six titles. Listening takes place in the office ofAlain Watch, the boss of the label WEA. After signing the usual privacy policies, staff balance the U.S. first track.

1) Untitled [4'39 "]
It starts with a long intro which means turn the battery, keyboard, and finally the voices in the background. Chester Bennington is only to give voice to the first verse whose rhythm is almost dancing. A big break that recalls the excellent electro Reanimation (the remix album ofHybrid Theory) breaks the rhythm of the song. Mike Shinoda does his apparation until the bridge. He calmly raised his voice and the song back in power. The title ends with an a cappella singers of both.

2) Untitled [4'13 "]
It begins with what could be the voice of a leader who harangued the crowd. An electric guitar riff quite Launches title. Mike Shinoda raps over the entire first verse. The choruses are chanted by Chester ("Hey! "Hey!"). Unlike the first track played, Mike Shinoda, who co-produced the album with Rick Rubin (Slayer, Metallica, Slipknot), is very present on this title.

3) Untitled [4'00 "]
A guitar and a piano introduces the third piece. The song of Mike Shinoda on the verse is pretty amazing, almost ragga! The chorus is not really identifiable with the first listen. The track runs itself without real structure. Linkin Park abandons the traditional verse / chorus. Note that for the first time in the discography of Linkin Park, Brad Delson up a guitar solo on the end of the song.

4) Untitled [4'35 "]
On this track, the tempo is slower than the first three. The intensity of the song goes crescendo, like the other titles there is a lack of a real chorus easily identifiable. Linkin Park have therefore decided to make an album that will not go down in radio?

5) Untitled [4'26 "]
Of the six titles, is without question one the most surprising. Like what could be "Breaking The Habit"on Meteora, this piece, where Chester sings alone stands out from the rest by its lack thick. No guitar is heard before the third minute. Chester repeated many times "I'm Losing What I Do not Deserve". Potential title: "What I Do not Deserve".

6) "The Catalyst"[5'42"]
The first single from the disc. Here, we expect a more formatted way in the spirit of what Linkin Park has always offered on the previous albums ... Well, no. It will still be ironed. For once, we are very far from a "Somewhere I Belong(Meteora, 2003) or "What I've Done(Minutes To Midnight, 2007). The name of the album, A Thousand Suns, is taken from the lyrics of "The Catalyst". An amusing detail, we note that the piano part that comes at the end of the piece bears an eerie resemblance to the song "The Great Secret"ofIndochina and Melissa Auf Der Maur !

Listening to these six titles, it appears with the pleasant impression that Linkin Park has taken a real risk with this album: Finished formatted songs and radio jingles. According to information from the press officer of WEA, the other six pieces are much more focused on guitars. The album promises to a tasty mix of electro experimentation on one side and big rock songs of the other. Stay tuned ...

Mereka mengatakan bahwa akan ada 12 track dalam album...

referensi : &

14 September, Bukan LP Saja Yang Meluncurkan Album Baru

Banyak pemain musik yang mengeluarkan album di tanggal 14 September nanti selain Linkin Park.
Berikut adalah daftarnya :

David Archuleta
Other Side Of Down
Air Tight Revenge
Chilly Gonzales
Ivory Tower
Emmett And Mary
Emmett And Mary
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LPFI 1st Anniversary

Dalam rangka LPFI 1st Anniversary pada tanggal 19 Juli 2010, LPFI akan memberikan pack gift buat kalian. Maaf sekali yaa hanya ini yg bisa kami kasih & maaf juga jika ada yg sudah punya.... :)
Pack ini berisi film pendek karya Joe Hahn yang berjudul "The Seed" & LPU7 & LPU8 Newsletter...

Anda bisa mendownloadnya DI SINI atau DI SINI

Kami akan berusaha semampunya untuk meng-update berita-berita terbaru Linkin Park...
Stay in LPFI & LPFI Site... :)


Mike Shinoda mengeluarkan single art dari The Catalyst..

Our single, THE CATALYST, arrives August 2nd. I thought I’d show you the art for the single before anyone else gets to see it. ..


EDIT : dari
Setelah gambar di filter oleh anggota forum LPA Keaton, menemukan sesuatu yang menyerupai manusia di dalam tengah lingkaran itu. Apa/siapa orang dalam lingkaran itu?

Carlos Santana feat. Chester Update

Ini adalah tracklist dari album baru Santana. Isu mengatakan album ini akan dirilis pada 21 September nanti.

Carlos Santana and Clive Davis, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment, collaborated on the brand new concept album, GUITAR HEAVEN: THE GREATEST GUITAR CLASSICS OF ALL TIME, arriving in stores September 21st on Arista Records. The album was co-produced by Carlos Santana and Clive Davis with tracks produced by Matt Serletic and Howard Benson.


“Whole Lotta Love” featuring Chris Cornell (Led Zeppelin)
“Sunshine Of Your Love” featuring Rob Thomas (Cream)
“Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’” featuring Scott Weiland (The Rolling Stones)
“Dance the Night Away” featuring Pat Monahan (Van Halen)
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” featuring india.arie and Yo-Yo Ma (The Beatles)
“Bang A Gong” featuring Gavin Rossdale (T. Rex)
“Smoke On the Water” featuring Jacoby Shaddix (Deep Purple)
“Photograph” featuring Chris Daughtry (Def Leppard)
“Back In Black” featuring Nas (AC/DC)
“Little Wing” featuring Joe Cocker (Jimi Hendrix)
“Riders On the Storm” featuring Chester Bennington and Ray Manzarek (The Doors)
“I Ain’t Superstitious” featuring Jonny Lang (Howlin’ Wolf, Jeff Beck Group)
“Fortunate Son” featuring Scott Stapp (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

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8 Juta Lebih Fans Linkin Park di Facebook

Ini adalah postingan Mike Shinoda di blognya...

Back in April, I wrote a post celebrating Linkin Park’s four millionth Facebook friend. Today, only three short months later, we’re happy to announce that number had doubled. To our eight million fans on Facebook: thank you.

If you haven’t added us on Facebook, and you would like to, do it here.


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Gambar Pertama Dari Video The Catalyst

Video Static meng-upload set gambar pertama & rincian dari single video The Catalyst.

Linkin Park's Joe Hahn (left) and Chester Bennington (right) with Warner Bros video commissioner Devin Sarno (center) on the set of "The Catalyst", from the band's forthcoming album A Thousand Suns due Sept 14...

  • artist: Linkin Park
  • song: "The Catalyst"
  • label: Warner Bros.
  • director(s): Joe Hahn
  • production co: cYclops
  • producer: Bill Boyd
  • DP: Damian Acevedo
  • commissioner: Devin Sarno

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Linkin Park Cheer About Challenging New Album

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has gushed about their challenging forthcoming album.

A Thousand Suns will be the first Linkin Park album since 2007, even though members have been producing ancillary material, like Bennington’s Dead By Sunrise side project and Mike Shinoda’s work on the soundtrack to Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Despite suggesting in 2008 that A Thousands Suns might be a concept album, Bennington has revealed to Rolling Stone that it covers a wide range of topics (from the recession to the Middle East) and might be “something a little more challenging”.

Linkin Park worked with Rick Rubin again, following his producing work on their 2007 album Minutes To Midnight, which saw them step away slightly from their patented rap-rock hybrid.

Bennington said, “This time we realized it doesn't matter what the songs sound like. If we like it and it comes from us, it's Linkin Park.”

A Thousand Suns is set for a September 14 release, preceded by the first single ‘The Catalyst’ on August 2.

And Bennington said he was so excited with the work, he’d like to do a quick 50 show world tour and then head straight back into the studio. We’ll see if the fans will let them do that.

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Rolling Stone Article Tentang A Thousand Suns

For their last album Minutes to Midnight, Linkin Park collaborated with Rick Rubin for an LP that found the band moving away from their trademark rap-rock sound. Now the California crew is teaming up with Rubin again for A Thousand Suns — and the iconic producer has helped the band find a totally new voice. "On the last record, Rick's challenge was getting us to open up our perception of what our music could be," singer Chester Bennington tells Rolling Stone. "This time we realized it doesn't matter what the songs sound like. If we like it and it comes from us, it's Linkin Park." The group plans to release the album on September 14th while the first single, "The Catalyst," will arrive on August 2nd.

A Thousand Suns might be Linkin Park's most eclectic yet — with lyrics that address everything from the recession to the conflicts in the Middle East. One untitled track mixes Nine Inch Nails-style industrial punk with dreamy synth washes, while another lays a heavy hip-hop beat beneath Bennington's heartfelt vocal performance. “We’ve got rapport with radio stations and people who want to put our band on the front page of their site,” says Mike Shinoda, who co-produced the disc with Rubin. “They’re gonna give us a shot more so than a band they’ve never heard of. So we’ve got this opportunity to take bigger chances with our records and do something a little more challenging.” Adds Rubin, "The band is making music from a pure place."

Since releasing their last LP, frontmen Mike Shinoda and Chester pursued solo projects like Bennington's Dead By Sunrise and Shinoda's work with Hans Zimmer on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen score. The time apart helped invigorate the band so much that they're already considering a follow-up. "At this point we're writing such great music that I almost want to go do 50 shows around the world and then get right back into making another record," Bennington says. "Once the ball starts rolling, it's all I want. It's like a drug."

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Mike : LP Featuring You-Responses

Ini adalah respon Mike Shinoda menjawab beberapa pertanyaan tentang LP featuring You.

There are already a lot of great ideas for the “Linkin Park Featuring You” contest. We’re also seeing a lot of common questions and comments. Here are some answers:

1. “Why are entries from my country / age group not eligible?”

If it was up to my bandmates and me, everyone in the world would be able to compete. But due to MySpace / WBR rules and some other legal stuff they were concerned about, it’s not possible. We are bummed about that. But the good news is: nothing is stopping you from making a song anyway. If your song is good, the band (and everyone else) will probably hear it; you may not win the contest, but you can still be well-known for being awesome.

2. I want more audio stems to make my thing!

Sorry! The point of the challenge here is to make something out of these limited parts. The tracks you’ve been given are only a fraction of the song. If you can make something original and great out of those, you have a good chance of winning. If you want more stems because you want to put together something that sounds like a full Linkin Park song, you’re missing the point…we’ve already got one of those: it’s called The Catalyst, and it comes out August 2nd.

3. Why did you choose MySpace, and not my other favorite site?

As many of you know, MySpace is a great home base for musicians and bands. More often than not, when I hear of an unsigned, aspiring group, they direct me to their MySpace page. So if you don’t have a MySpace page account and page, simply make one so you’re eligible.

4. Who is judging the contest?

The band has the final say. But we aren’t going to be able to listen to all of the mixes…so if you want to be heard, you’ll have to promote it. And that doesn’t mean spamming here and Linkin Spread the word EVERYWHERE, so more people, especially people outside our networks, hear your mix and vote for it (if they like it). A song/mix with a lot of traffic is sure to get our attention.

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Mike On Ustream 07/10/10

Mike Shinoda kembali online du Ustream. Membicarakan tentang "featuring you".
Anda bisa melihat videonya di bawah :

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The Catalyst Mixed by Yuda P1

Ini adalah lagu The Catalyst yang telah saya Mix, ini percobaan yang pertama. Bagaimana menurut Anda? Please leave a comment. Disini atau di Facebook saya (Kirim pesan, jangan ngwall klo bisa)

Silahkan download DI SINI


Who wants to be on the new Linkin Park album? Download stems and hear pieces of the new song now.

EDIT: Make sure you enter a valid email address when you download the stems: we’ll be letting you know how to officially submit your entries soon. Also, help us out and spread the word about the contest–share the widget (using the button under “download stems” here wherever you live online.

New LPTV Episode : 14.09.2010

LPTV menambahlan episode barunya. Kali ini berisi tentang para personil LP di album baru. Mungkin ini adalah sebuah preview. Diakhir video ada tanggal perilisan album baru 14.09.2010.

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Tampilan Baru

Mungkin berdasarkan akan keluarnya album LP baru"A Thousands Sun" tampilan berubah. Logo Linkin Parknya juga agak sedikit berubah, seperti pada puzzle terakhir. Tulisan Linkin Parknya juga berubah...


Big News : A THOUSAND SUNS Keluar Pada 14 September

Akhirnya semua rasa penasaran kita terjawab sudah. Sekitar tadi pagi Mike Shinoda menkonfirmasi bahwa album baru Linkin Park "A Thousand Suns" akan akan keluar pada 14 September nanti. Dan dengan single pertamanya yang berjudul "The Catalyst" akan dirilis pada 2 Agustus. Jika Anda berminat ikuti juga kontesnya. Linkin Park akan memberikan beberapa audio The Catalyst. Anda remix sesuka hati Anda, jika Anda menang (jika beruntung pastinya) lagu remix hasil buatan Anda akan akan dimasukan ke album baru Linkin Park. Kontesnya dimulai besok. Tapi dalam kontes ini hanya ada 1 pemenang. Tertarik...????
Berikut adalah postingannya :

No puzzles or hidden messages with this one. We’re excited to finally announce that our new album, A THOUSAND SUNS, will be released on September 14th.

The lead single for the album is called “The Catalyst.” It will be released on August 2nd.

Beginning tomorrow, July 9th, we’re teaming up with MySpace for “Linkin Park, Featuring You,” a contest which gives you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to be on our new album. We'll be giving you some audio from “The Catalyst,” and you get to take it from there; you can remix the parts, write something over them, or mute stuff and write something totally new. We may choose a remix of the song, and put it on the album…or, we may choose an amazing keyboardist, string quartet, guitarist, percussion group, or other musician, and invite them into the studio to play on one of our songs. No matter what instrument you play, you can win. We're open to anything good. All we ask is that you include any audible portion of any one of our stems in your submission.

Once you submit, the community (that's you) will vote, and the most popular stuff will rise to the top. Then, my bandmates and I will comb through the submissions, choose one winner, and they will be included on our album, A THOUSAND SUNS. Check out for contest details.

I think I've said enough for now. Thanks for your continued support. We’ve got more announcements coming, so keep checking for updates.

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Video Baru di Facebook Linkin Park

Facebook Linkin Park menambah sebuah video baru, yang berjudul "Finishing up the new album"
Disana Mike terlihat sedang menceritakan album baru Linkin Park.

Anda dapat melihat videonya di!/video/video.php?v=548072386712&ref=mf

New LPUTV Episode : Slowly, But Firmly

LPUTV menambahkan episode barunya...

"We found some more footage from last year's European tour. We thought we'd share it with you. Enjoy."

Video ini intinya menceritakan sebuah pintu yang bertuliskan "Open door slowly yet formly", yang lucu dari video itu adalah, ketika Phoenix menyuruh Chester mendemokan pintu "Open door slowly yet formly" pintu tersebut mengenai muka Mike Shinoda... :p

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Linkin Park Message #4

New message:

EDIT: You guys have done a great job solving the last two puzzles. For the answers, check the LP message board or lpassociation

gambar setelah disusun adalah :

Ada banyak spekulasi, diantaranya :

A Thousand Suns // September, A Thousand Suns // Septtwent, A Thousand Suns // SepTwenty.

Mike : Responses To Comments

Mike Shinnoda menjawab beberapa pertanyaan yg ada di komen blognya....

As we enter the “finishing mode” on our album, things are getting exciting. I paused amidst the madness to answer some questions and musings here in the comments on

bljdavidson – “Hi Mike, are you going to let the LPUnderground members here the new single or at least a snippit from it? Il c u in manchester 4th xD”

M: I don’t know if LPUnderground will have a chance to hear new music before anyone else yet…but we will continue to do all the stuff we’ve been doing (live chats with the band, presales, exclusive videos, etc.)



Andrew Schwartzmeyer – “From a web developer, don’t force people to register with WordPress to comment. Requiring an email plus using the Akismet spam filter is more than good enough. It just hassles the rest of us”

M: I’m checking with the web peeps on this. As you guys know (I’ve seen your comments about it), there has been a growing amount of spam here on As we near the release of the 1st single from the new album, traffic is growing, and we wanted to do something to put the spam in check a bit. So this is the quick-fix. We’ll look into other solutions for ya.


jessietxo – “’On August the 2nd, 1939 Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd write a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging him to begin the Manhattan project to develop a nuclear weapon’ Coincidence? I think not.”


LincolnParc – “Famous quote by J Oppenheimer / Bhagavad Gita:
“If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one.” and “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Note the Thousand Suns. My guess is, as Darkstryder said is that the new hints are references to J Oppenheimer, as he was referred to as the catalyst of theoretical physics and is seen quoting a thousand suns. Nukes. This can only mean an antiwar political concept album. Maybe a rebellion anthem like Smells like Teen Spirit. So now my prediction is the next hint / song name or what ever I’d gonna be “Destroyer of Worlds”

M: …Or maybe it’s a sci-fi love story. Or maybe it’s a fantasy novel about two lonely aliens from Uranus (heh) who find that the only way to stop an evil superpower from destroying the universe is to create the first vuvuzela-powered lazer beam. I think these are all equally plausible conclusions. Actually, mine are more plausible.


Renji – “ I want to play a game…”

M: I don’t know if you created this, or if it’s an actual picture. That’s actually what I looked like as a child.

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Exclusive: Linkin Park to release new album in September

Nu-metal heavyweights Linkin Park will release their fourth studio album in September, TMN has learned.

Two weeks ago (on June 18), Warner Australia held an industry invite-only listening session at their Sydney office to preview several tracks, which were brought out by a visiting US executive. By all reports, the new material represented a departure for the band and sounded “more electronic.”

Earlier this week, co-frontman Mike Shinoda posted a hand-written note (above) to the band’s official site, which read:

“Hello friend, our new album is almost done. We are very excited for you to hear the music. We are also starting to put up live concert dates on so make sure sure to check this out. I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin any surprises.”

According to hardcore fans, the message carries an orange watermark that reads ‘The Catalyst August 2’, which is possibly the album’s first single. The band have been teasing fans with various puzzles over the last few weeks. Earlier, another clue – a binary puzzle – revealed the phrase A Thousand Suns, which could be the album title. More info as it unravels.

Linkin Park’s last album Minutes to Midnight debuted at #1 on the ARIA Album charts in May 2007. Their previous albums 2000's Hybrid Theory and 2003's Meteora reached #2

Linkin Park "A Thousand Suns" di Wikipedia

A Thousand Suns is the tentative name of the fourth studio album by the rock band Linkin Park. It is set to be released in September 2010.

Musical style

Mike Shinoda stated in an interview with IGN that the new album will have in comparison to Minutes to Midnight a bigger "thread of consistency" and will also be more experimental and "hopefully more cutting-edge". Additionally Shinoda often mentioned in interviews, that the new album was recorded with the aim to be "genre-busting".
The other vocalist of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, described A Thousand Suns on his twitter account as a very complex album with many hip hop elements and a heavy but also melodic sound. He also mentioned in the same tweet, that the album will combine elements of Hybrid Theory and Minutes to Midnight.


Some of the dates have already been announced for the tour in support of the album. The tour will most likely begin early October. A few revealed concerts include Berlin, England and Austria.


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Foto Baru Lagi di Facebook Linkin Park

Facebook Linkin Park kembali menambahkan sebuah foto.

Anda bisa melihat fotonya di :

Pesan Baru Dari Mike - "Our new album is almost done" telah di update lagi. Kali ini berisi seperti selembar surat tulisan tangan.

Hello friend...
Our new album is almost done. We are very excited for you to hear the music. we also starting to put up line concert dates on, so make sure to check those out.
I wish I could tell you more, but I don't want to rain any surprises.


Dari pesan-pesan sebelumnya pasti ada pesan tersembunyi. Dan Pesan tersembunyi itu adalah "THE CATALYST /// AUGUST 2" berupa watermark berwarna orange dibalik pesan tersebut. Nah, sekarang secara tidak langsung Linkin Park telah menkonfirmasi kapan single pertama diliris, yaitu pada tanggal 2 Agustus nanti... :)

Anda bisa melihat atau mendownloadnya gambarnya -DI SINI-


"We're excited to announce that we'll be performing at the Maquinaria Festival in Santiago, Chile on October 9th........"

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