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Linkin Park - Improvisation

This is My Mixtape:

Contain Many Various Performance Tracks that have many Intros/Outros

01.One Step Closer(Linkingabo Version)
02.Breaking The Habit(Extended Intro)
03.By Myself(Ajishinoda Version)
04.With You(Ajishinoda Version)
05.Don't Stay(Reanitheory Version)
06.From The Inside(Extended Intro)
07.Given Up(Extended Outro)
08.Lying From You(Extended Intro)
09.No More Sorrow(Extended Intro
10.One Step Closer(Reanitheory Version)
11.One Step Closer(Extended Intro)
12.Papercut(Extended Intro)
13.Points Of Authority(Reanitheory Version)
14.Points Of Authority(Extended intro)
15.Somewhere I Belong(Short Intro)
17.A Place For My Head(Extended Intro+Scracth)

Download : HERE

Analisa seseorang Di LPU Tentang Album Baru LP

Saya dapat ini dari seseorang di LPU tentang analisannya mengenai album baru Linkin Park



This is everything we know.

Mike Shinoda said in his blog in early 2009: Are we going to have an album in 2009? Of Course! But: They took their time and now its June 2010. Rumors say that the album is supposed to be out on September 24th, of 2010... BUT LINKIN PARK HAS NOT CONFIRMED THIS. Linkin Park's Dave "Phoenix" Farrell posted a picture on his twitter saying: Chilling with our latest band mem(b)er! and had a picture with him in front of an elephant. The Linkin Park Assoctiation later confirmed that it meant Linkin Park was filming a music video for their 1st completed single.

Linkin Park's rapper, Mike Shinoda, has posted things on and on his blog known as the "linkin park message". The first message contained statticy white things looking like snow... but then he changed it a few days later so if loaded as a .gif... the first slide reads: MOREM ESSAGE SCOMIN GSOON

Translated to: More Messages Coming Soon. Sure enough around a week later he updated the message to be a mess of 0's and 1's known as a binary code. Some people took valuable time out of their lives and translated the Extremely long message into two words: Thousand Suns. I can only imagine the gruling process of finding out it was only two words.

Mike Shinoda confirmed that Thousand Suns was correct.. also telling us to forget about means of double discs, album names, ect.. but others found this message: "At the end of summer, they will explode forward at once with a release that will be as magnificent and light strong. The sound is powerful and ground-breaking" Along with many others. How did they get this? It sounds as if he's changing the message again!

Back to the album release date. According to a german version of Amazon it comes out on sept 24... but how would amazon get that date? Heres an impression of a six track sampler reviewed by a british radio station: "I had someone come in and play me brand new Linkin Park material in the wake. Someone from the management company. This is no lie. Came in to the XFM studio with a cop from America who would flown over with the one copy of the 6-track sampler of the new Linkin Park album and basically this cop's job was to guard it at all times. This is the true story. It really was the case of the new material being on the lock and key. But it was really good and actually very different. If you're one of those people who thought that Linkin Park have made the same album 3 times as far as their new studio releases go, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this new one. There's rapping on it, but not the kind of rock-rap type of stuff that Mike Shinoda has done in the past. And the track is going to be the first single. At its full-length is almost proggy in places. It's very very good. Lots of take in, lots of new layers coming with the Linkin Park sound. And of course they have confirmed the full UK tour."


According to my sources: Proggy means Progressive rock. This would point to bands such as Genesis. Heres a copy of my old post all about the message: (I called what we know about the message and apparently what we don't because that day Mike told us that no one had gotten it yet)

As we all know, has been posting up 'messages' for us to figure out. Heres a timeline and what we know about this WHOLE thing on the 4th album. So first he says "Big announcement coming today, Stay tuned" on his twitter (Mike) and then

Then, the message was updated to the blank picture of the 0s and the 1s binary code which im not sure what it is (not sure what binary code or the message's message is) I've heard some of you say you know that it says Something about the release will be ground breaking at the end of the summer... but i QUOTE:

NOT YET. JUNE 24, 2010 Our puzzle hasn’t been solved yet. I expected that would be the case. It’s not an easy one, but it is rewarding.

Maybe you just need to search harder.


Mike hyperlinked puzzle with which I can see why. But he said we have everything wrong. So we gotta search harder. Strangest part: he hyperlinked Search with did he do it on purpose? Will we find out? How many more questions will I ask in this blog post? The world may never know!

Now I found a few things on LPA and LPL and a few other various sources:

Heres something Mike was talking about on LPA and a quote from his site!

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one..." & "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

This is in relation to the first ever atomic bomb, and references the Trinity Test. For more info on this check out the respective Wikipedia page.

This is the closest likeness we have found in relation to the orginal translation, could we be on the right path here? Continue the discussion in our comments section!

Do you have something completely different to say about it or do you agree? Post it at any of these places: or the LP message thread on or

New Linkin Park Message: (This credit is given to Chester7890! Thanks Chester!) There was A new News Message This Is what it said:

God bless us everyone We're a broken people living under a loaded gun And it can't be fought And it can't be outdone It can't be outmatched It can't be outrun No

And when I close my eyes tonight To symphonies of blinding light (God bless us everyone/We're a broken people living under a loaded gun) Oh/Like memories in cold decay Transmissions echoing away Far from the world of you and I Where oceans bleed into the sky

The missing letters in order spell: T H E C A T A L Y S T

The Catalyst

I'm not really sure what that means so I went to the dictionary and got:

Financial Dictionary

Catalyst definition

Something that initiates or causes an important event to happen. Originally a term used in chemistry for the volatile (active) chemical in a formula.

Investopedia Commentary

Quite often you will hear someone say that a stock needs a catalyst. This means that the stock needs some good news or a press release to get people interested in the stock again.


cat·a·lyst   [kat-l-ist] Show IPA –noun 1. Chemistry . a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. 2. something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected. 3. a person or thing that precipitates an event or change: His imprisonment by the government served as the catalyst that helped transform social unrest into revolution. 4. a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.

Other dictionary sources include: Reaction, Chemistry, Chemical Reaction, ect.

All these things have to do with Reaction! So this album must be reversed on our MIXED reaction for Minutes to Midnight. Or could it be an opener track for the album? An album name? Could the real message have anything to do with it? More Updates coming soon keep checking back on this post and on my profile because this post will be updated and reposted!

Another Update! Woohoo! I was rereading this whole post... and I found a few names that stoof out to me that could also be album names Heres a list: -Catalyst -Message -Trinity Test -Reaction


So what does it all mean? Is the release date real? I will keep updating this post with articles dates pictures and news... or just copy it into other posts! Comment if Im missing anything or what you think or if i have anything wrong! Thanks!!!!

Another Update! After reading the quote.... I find that GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE are the word of Tiny Tim from the christmas carol. If you google all the quote: all that comes up is LPA. But: After searching the thing in sections I actually find something. Google We are a broken people and you will find the quote: No, We are a broken people. But where else is No in that quote? At the bottom! According to my thougts I think this is one large mis match of quote put together and apparently have a similar subject. If you post this somewhere please give credit to me! If you find out where more parts of the quote are please comment them! Chuck

YET ANOTHER FIND! I found on LInkin Park's facebook page they unintentionally or maybe intentionally posted on their playlist: New Divide (Album Version). But the thing is: a soundtrack isn't really an album so it must be on the new album! I know Mike has said that its not going to be on it.... all new. But he also that the album would be out in 2009.... which its not. And for those of you who haven't read that post here it is:

NEW LINKIN PARK ALBUM IN 2009? NOVEMBER 10, 2008 We’re working on the new Linkin Park album right now. Will we have a new album out in 2009? Absolutely!

And, of course, by “Absolutely,” I mean, “Absolutely, as long as things go smoothly and the ideas are flowing, and we don’t hit any scheduling problems or massive writers block.”

Jokes aside, the pic below is from my studio; Chester and I were listening to all the demos I’ve been writing in the past 6-12 months in busses, studios overseas, and my studio. When we’re out on the road doing shows, I generally keep the music on a safe hard drive, in a format that you can’t download onto your iPod (gotta be careful). I also don’t like playing stuff for anyone unless I feel like I’ve given it a proper amount of love. That means I go for months where I write stuff and don’t really play it for anyone.

This week, we went through about 35 new demos, most of which had only had my hands on them thus far. The process is a little scary; it’s like saying, “here are the songs that I think should make up our next album.” Luckily, nobody hates the songs (at least most of them!), and we’re looking forward to getting started on this album in the coming months.

I just did an insightful interview with a gentleman named Mikael Wood for a piece in an upcoming issue of Revolver magazine. Check for it in the coming months, I think it was an ’09 music preview article.


and another album related:

NEW LINKIN PARK MUSIC OCTOBER 25, 2008 I’ve been making songs on my own at home or in the bus, but hadn’t gotten to work with the other guys until this week. A few days ago, Joe, Phoenix and I were having some fun at Joe’s, and started a couple things. Of the two songs we worked on, one was a heavier, fast-tempo song with heavy guitars and distorted sampled drums, and the other was a little less aggressive, but still dark and upbeat, and had a really interesting chord progression. Joe’s got this new MIDI keyboard-turntable unit, where he can make his vinyl play tones that you hit on the keyboard, and we can scratch them in real time. It’s pretty cool–I think there’s a lot of potential for that thing.

Anyway, more updates to come later. We’re preparing for a more defined studio schedule in the coming weeks.

On a random note, Joe gave me Ableton Live, a program where I can make dope mixtape-mashup-projects…I’m making one that I’ll hopefully be able to post here on soon, which will feature some old songs by other artists that I think are cool.


More Updates Soon! CHUCK!

sumber :

Satu Foto Baru di Facebook Linkin Park

Facebook Linkin Park menambahkan sebuah foto. Menunjukan Mike Shinoda tampak sedang melakukan perekaman lagu...

Anda bisa melihat fotonya di :

Chester To Be Featured On The New Carlos Santana Album

Dari potongan wawancara dengan Carlos Santana.

Tell me about your new studio album. It sounds like a pretty exciting project.

I'm very, very grateful because I get to participate in something that is very [wonderful]. For example, "Supernatural" was a really, really humungous door for me to walk through. This is another one; I can see it already. The name of the CD is probably going to be called "Guitar Heaven." The songs are from Jimi Hendrix, "Little Wing"; "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," The Beatles; "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," The Rolling Stones; "Sunshine of Your Love," Cream; "Back in Black," AC/DC; "Dance the Night Away," Van Halen; "Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin); "Smoke on the Water" (Deep Purple); "Riders on the Storm" (The Doors); "Fortunate Son" (Creedence Clearwater Revival).

The [guests] are Joe Cocker, India.Arie, Yo-Yo Ma, Scott Weiland, Rob Thomas, Pat Monahan, Chris Cornell, Jacoby Shaddix, Chester Bennington, Scott Stapp. All of my life, since I can remember, everything that I do is coming in with everyone. I don't come in alone. So this is not like a shtick or a gimmick or something that I do with guest artists. I've been doing this since '67 with everyone. It feels wonderful to walk into a room and you feel the love. With Joe Cocker or India.Arie or Rob Thomas, there's a mutual exchange of love, so by the time we get to the song, it's very natural, normal.

sumber :

Transkrip Chat Mike di LPU Tadi Subuh

Tadi subuh sekitar pukul 04.00 WIB, Mike Shinoda melakukan chat di LPU.
Saya menemukan transkrip ini di LPAmerican.

mshinoda says: The puzzles have something to do with the new album.
mshinoda says: spraypaint is a sourpuss...OK dude, give me one question or whatever that you'd like me to answer.
mshinoda says: BTW, if anyone says LP is a sellout / commercial band, do this:
mshinoda says: ask them who their favorite band is.
mshinoda says: ask them if that band sells their albums, concert tickets, and merchandise.
mshinoda says: if the answer is "yes," then they are commercially profiting off of their art. The only way to be a truly "non-commercial" band is to do everything for free.
mshinoda says: Many times, people use the "credibility" card to justify the fact that they can't seem to reach the mainstream.
mshinoda says: I'm outta here
mshinoda says: Enjoy the next puzzle when it arrives at

LPFI mengucapkan terima kasih pada LPAmerican

Linkin Park New Message telah di update lagi. Kali ini berisi tampak seperti lirik atau puisi dengan sebagian hurufnya hilang. Huruf yang hilang sudah saya tandai dengan "[ ]". Ini adalah isinya :

God bless us every one
We're a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can[T]'be outfoug[H]t
And it can't be outdon[E]
It [C]an't be out m[A]tched
It can't be ou[T]run

[A]nd when I c[L]ose my eyes tonight
To s[Y]mphonies of blinding light
(God bles[S] us every one/We're a broken
people living under a loaded gun)
Oh/Like memories in cold decay
Transmissions echoing away
Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky

Dan huruf yang hilang itu membentuk sebuah kata "T H E C A T A L Y S T"
Apa ini maksudnya?
Apakah The Catalys nama album baru Linkin Park? Atau lirik dari salah satu album baru?
Jika Anda ingin mendiskusikannya, silahkan masuk ke *SINI*


Mike memposting ini di blognya dan thread reply di


In the chat, KATHYxx and NeXus87 just solved the puzzle. Rob Walker and MCRC were instrumental in getting there, and a special shout-out to Alex, whose post also came very close to the correct answer:


Please let me know if you think anyone else was instrumental in getting to the correct answer.

Now, please erase all the stuff you’ve filled your minds with regarding ASCII, double discs, release dates, concepts, Trinities, the Matrix, and FIRIN’ MAH LAZARS!

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention by the fans that the whole LP online community should have been thanked for participating. True; a BIG thanks to everyone for playing our game…more to come…"

Pesan ini ternyata tidak ada hubungannya dengan album baru, tanggal perilisan album baru, ASCII, dan lain-lain. Dan Album baru itu belum selesai. Sumber gambar dari

Mungkin ini maksud Mike di chat kemarin.

sumber :

Mike Shinoda Chat

Beberapa saat yang lalu Mike Shinoda sempat online di
Tapi sangat sebentar sekali. Langsung offline, menghiraukan orang laen...
Tapi Mike sempat mengeluarkan beberapa kata ini adalah transkripnya :

"I forgot one more bit of help."

"This is the end of my "hint." Feel free to tell other people."

"Rob Walker's translation had some problems, as I said...but mcrc's find (an awesome discovery), was not the end of the road either."

"Just as mcrc was quoting Oppenheimer, Oppenheimer was quoting as well."


Ini adalah screenshootnya, klik gambar untuk memperbesar.

Mike : Not Yet

Mungkin beberapa spekulasi orang-orang tentang pesannya masih belom tepat. Malah kita disuruh mencarinya lebih keras di Google. Hah? :-l
Ini adalah postingan di blognya :

"Our puzzle hasn’t been solved yet. I expected that would be the case. It’s not an easy one, but it is rewarding.

Maybe you just need to search harder.

sumber :

Tapi ada yang berspekulasi lagi, kali ini gambar format gif yang membentuk gambar matahari. Anda bisa melihat gambarnya disini.

Mike : The Final Frontier

Fiore just found this yesterday. I can’t remember if we ever put it online…we basically shot this in between takes on the set of “Leave Out All The Rest.”

sumber :

Show in Denmark Added

"We'll be playing at MCH Arena in Herning, Denmark on October 30th. LPU members can purchase pre-sale tickets starting tomorrow. Tickets go on sale to the public HERE on Tuesday, June 29 at 10AM (local)."

sumber :

Mike Kembali Posting Pesan Misterius

Setelah sebelumnya Mike memposting pesan misteriusnya yang pertama. Kini Mike kembali memposting pesan misterius lagi. Kali ini berisi angka-angka biner 0 dan 1.

Mike juga menambahkan link "discuss." dibawah pesan tersebut.
Ada yang tau artinya apalagi?

Show Ke 2 Di O2 Arena London-Inggris

Linkin Park menambahkan show ke 2 di O2 Arena London-Inggris. tanggal 11 November 2010...
Joe Hahn yang telah mengepost berita tersebut.

"One show just wasn’t enough, so we added a second show at the O2 Arena in London on November 11. LPU members can purchase pre-sale tickets now, and the rest of you can get yours starting Friday, June 25 at 9am local time.


sumber :

XFM Give Impressions on New LP Album

It appears that UK radio station XFM gave insight on the new Linkin Park sound during their radio broadcast today; captured by the folks over at LPLive, here is the transcript:

"I had someone come in and play me brand new Linkin Park material in the wake. Someone from the management company. This is no lie. Came in to the XFM studio with a cop from America who would flown over with the one copy of the 6-track sampler of the new Linkin Park album and basically this cop's job was to guard it at all times. This is the true story. It really was the case of the new material being on the lock and key. But it was really good and actually very different. If you're one of those people who thought that Linkin Park have made the same album 3 times as far as their new studio releases go, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this new one. There's rapping on it, but not the kind of rock-rap type of stuff that Mike Shinoda has done in the past. And the track is going to be the first single. At its full-length is almost proggy in places. It's very very good. Lots of take in, lots of new layers coming with the Linkin Park sound. And of course they have confirmed the full UK tour."

sumber :

LPFI Mencari Admin Baru

LPFI mencari beberapa orang admin baru. LPFI benar-benar mau mencari admin yang serius untuk mengurus Facebook, Aplikasi Facebook, LPFI Site, Twitter dan lain-lain. Sekali lagi, untuk yang SERIUS....!!!!!

Pertanyaan & Syarat Admin...

Pertanyaan :
1. Sejak kapan mengenal/Suka LP?
2. Dari mana dapet info-info LP?
3. Album, featuring, dan projek LP apa km ketahui sampai saat ini?
4. Album apa saja yg km punya, lengkap gak sampai ke projek sampingan LP nya?
5. Berita paling terbaru LP apa yang kamu tahu sekarang ini?

Pertanyaan di atas harus dijawab dulu. Kemudian jawab pertanyan dibawah dengan jelas...!!!!

Syarat* :
1. Harus bisa mencari info LP terbaru.
2. Update Facebook, Aplikasi Facebook, LPFI Site, Twitter.
3. Sering Online dikomputer bukan di HP....
4. Bisa ajakin orang yang suka LP sebanyak-banyaknya untuk gabung di LPFI.
5. Menyediakan link download content LP(musik, video, dll). Yang bersumber dari berita atau yang lainnya. (kalau ada)
6. Tidak terikat/menjadi pengurus atau admin grup LP lainnya.
7. Mengirim pesan/memberi tahu ke semua anggota bila ada hal atau berita yang terbaru/menarik/yang pantas diberitakan. (kalau ada)
8. Untuk LPFI Site, tahu atau bisa dasar-dasar HTML. (lebih bagus PHP)

Syarat di atas harus terpenuhi...
*Untuk syarat mungkin akan mengalami perubahan kedepannya.
Jika berminat silahkan hubungi admin-admin LPFI atau kirim email ke

Jangan dilihat dari susahnya syarat, karena bukan ditentukan dari syarat tetapi dari pertimbangan. Jika Anda sudah menjadi Admin akan mendapatkan email redirecting dengan alamat

Update Status Facebook via LPFI

Yang mau Update Status Facebook via LPFI silahkan cekidot link ini :

Linkin Park Tour Ke Brazil & Swiss

Linkin Park akan kembali ke Brazil pada tanggal 11 Oktober 2010 di acara "SWU Music and Arts Festival".
sumber :

Linkin Park juga menambahkan jadwal tournya ke Swiss pada tanggal 1 November 2010 di Hallenstadion...
sumber :

Arti Pesan Misterius Mike

Pada frame pertama dan terakhir terlihat ada tulisan "MOREMESSAGECOMINGSOON"
Setalah melihat terus pesan itu dan melihatnya dengan Ulead GIF Animator. Dan Animasinya mengalami sedikit perubahan....

Linkin Park News: Message

Ini posting oleh Mike Shinoda beberapa saat yang lalu...

Apakah ini maksudnya? Ada yang mengerti?
Mike Shinoda menang selalu bikin penasaran....

Linkin Park Menambahkan Jadwal Tour

Linkin Park Menambahkan Jadwal Tournya ke Paris Perancis 25-10-10 @ Bercy.
Phoenix yang memposting ini...

We just added a show at Bercy in Paris, France on October 25th. Pre-sale tickets for LPU members go on sale tomorrow and tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, June 18 at We have even more tour dates coming, so keep checking for updates.


Sumber :

Mike : Quick Post 2

@m_shinoda : A big LP announcement coming today. Stay tuned.

tapi beberapa jam atau saat kemudian dari blognya Mike Shinoda

I tried to Tweet some big LP news, but Twitter was broken. I guess my big news broke Twitter. Sorry, everyone.

Looks like we’ll have to wait…

Sesuatu mungkin ada yang salah, seperti biasa kita harus menunggu updatenya... u_u

Tapi ada sesuatu dari Phoenix
At our video shoot today with out newest band member!

Mungkin ini tampaknya pemberitahuan secara tidak langsung dari Phoenix bahwa mereka sedang shooting video single album terbaru. Kita tunggu saja seperti apa kata Mike... :)

MY SUFFERING – iPunk Remix Free Download

Here is another INSIDETHETOURBUS exclusive… NOT A BOOTLEG – NOT A COVER VERSION – JUST AN OFFICIAL KICKASS REMIX – the iPunk produced remix of the mind blowing Dead By Sunrise track MY SUFFERING.

How much is it gonna cost ya? Freak all mothersqueekers, we are giving it to you for free!

Just click on the link right below this line for the FREE download.

My Suffering - iPunk Remix

source :

Linkin Park's New Album Expected Late 2010

Linkin Park switched gears in their most recent album ‘Minutes to Midnight’ from 2007. The band’s leap into popularity began even before the release of their first album as they built up their own fan-base. This style change from their previous albums (Hybrid Theory and Meteora) left some fans dissapointed, but still others were intrigued.

Now, Linkin Park has announced that their brand new album, formery expected as early as June of 2010, is to be released towards the end of this year. Mike Shinoda himself told MTV that him and Rick Rubin would be producing the album. He also brought into the light Linkin Park’s plans to move this album into an entirely new direction. Side projects like lead-singer Chester Bennington’s album release ‘Out of Ashes’ from his band ‘Dead By Sunrise’ has left room for Linkin Park to work with new material.

Their new 2010 album isn’t expected to be a ‘Meteora’ or even a ‘Minutes to Midnight’ but something today’s music is yet to even have a taste of. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park stated, “…It's hard to place. People keep asking me, 'What does it sound like?' and it's hard to describe. When people hear it, they're going to have a tough time saying that it falls into a category.” Linkin Park has also announced that with the release of their album creeping closer and closer, their first tour of 2010 will begin in Germany. From what Linkin Park has previously showed us through their music, many fans can anticipate the new 2010 album being not only successful but what could be called a work of art that many musicians today can only dream upon creating.

source :

Item Ekslusif MFR


"Check out the Music for Relief online auction for a chance to win one of a kind prizes while you donate to the MFR Green Home Program. Items up for bids include a day building the MFR Green Home with UFC Star, Chuck Liddell, tickets to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a Dodgers jersey autographed by Matt Kemp, Rock Band 2 signed by Linkin Park, a Taylor Acoustic guitar signed by 15 artists including Maya, Nate Dogg, Simple Plan and more!

The auction ends June 16th, place your bid now!"

Penjelasan: Tersedia Beberapa Item Ekslusif yang ditanda tangani oleh beberapa artis/band, termasuk Linkin Park, misal pada gitar, dll. dan ini di jual secara online, hasil penjualan tersebut untuk membantu para korban bencana alam/tsunami melalui MFR.

  • Gitar Diatas Ditanda tangani oleh:
  1. Maya
  2. Nate Dogg
  3. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach
  4. FeFe Dobson
  5. Snake of Skid Row
  6. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.
  7. Wayne Static of Static-X
  8. Simple Plan
  9. Elliott Yamin
  10. Fish
  11. Marty O’Brian
  12. Smile Empty Soul
  13. Jason Miller of Godhead
  14. Mike Miller of Godhead
  15. and Brian McKnight
Sedangkan 6 Personil Linkin Park Menanda tangai sebuah Game PS3 "Rock Band 2" .

Mike : Quick Post

Dari Blognya Mike Shinoda

Quick LP update..

We’ve almost picked the songs for the album. Almost picked a title. Almost confirmed an album cover. It always seems like these things get confirmed in a couple of days…why is that?

Anyway, I’m living the studio, on trail mix and coffee. What day is it...

Linkin Park juga menambahkan jadwal tournya ke Inggris dan Austria. Apakah mungkin ini artinya album baru segera keluar...? Kita tunggu saja... :)

Linkin Park Icons

Bosan dengan tampilan folder Anda yang berwarna kuning itu...??
Cobalah ganti dengan icon-icon Linkin Park...

Anda bisa mendownloadnya *DI SINI*

Terima kasih kepada Aji atas konten ini...

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock To Feature "Bleed It Out"

According to the popular gaming site Kotaku, Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out" will be included as a playable track in the upcoming Guitar Hero game, "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock". The official track-listing is available below:

• AFI – "Dancing Through Sunday"
• Anthrax – "Indians"
• Avenged Sevenfold – "Bat Country"
• Black Sabbath – "Children Of The Grave"
• Buzzcocks – "What Do I Get?"
• Children Of Bodom – "If You Want Peace... Prepare For War"
• The Cure – "Fascination Street"
• Def Leppard – "Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live)"
• Dethklok – "Bloodlines"
• Dire Straits – "Money For Nothing"
• DragonForce – "Fury of the Storm"
• Drowning Pool – "Bodies"
• Fall Out Boy – "Dance, Dance"
• Foo Fighters – "No Way Back"
• Foreigner – "Feels Like The First Time"
• The Hives – "Tick Tick Boom"
• Jane's Addiction – "Been Caught Stealing"
• Jethro Tull – "Aqualung"
• KISS – "Love Gun"
• Linkin Park – "Bleed It Out"
• Megadeth – "Sudden Death"
• Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne – "Paranoid (Live)"
• Muse – "Uprising"
• My Chemical Romance – "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
• Night Ranger – " (You Can Still) Rock In America"
• Nine Inch Nails – "Wish"
• The Offspring – "Self Esteem"
• Queen – "Bohemian Rhapsody"
• Rammstein – "Waidmanns Heil"
• The Rolling Stones – "Stray Cat Blues"
• Silversun Pickups – "There's No Secrets This Year"
• Slayer – "Chemical Warfare"
• Slipknot – "Psychosocial"
• Stone Temple Pilots – "Interstate Love Song"
• ZZ Top – "Sharp Dressed Man (Live)"

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First 2010 Linkin Park Tour Dates

With the new album getting closer and closer to completion, we are thrilled to announce our first tour of 2010. We begin in Germany. More dates and album updates to come soon on See you on tour...


October 20 - Berlin, Germany - O2 World
October 22 - Stuttgart, Germany - Schleyer-halle
October 27 - Koln, Germany - Lanxess Arena
October 29 - Hamburg, Germany - O2 World
November 2 - Frankfurt, Germany - Festhalle

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MySpace LPU : What Would You Want To Know?

What Would You Want To Know? If you could ask ANY LP band member to see/share something personal or learn something about them that you've been dying to know, what would you want to see/ask? (Something other than info/updates from the studio, what else would you like to know/see?)

Eileen21LPUHQ: I'd ask to see each one of their favorite home cooked meal's recipe...then try to make it!

Let's hear your thoughts!

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LINKIN PARK Members Lend Hand To Build 'Green' Apartments - June 3, 2010

According to The Pulse of Radio, LINKIN PARK vocalist Mike Shinoda, guitarist Brad Delson and bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell all recently donned hard hats and helped with the construction of a new "green" apartment complex in Lynwood, California. The energy-efficient dwellings are being built for families in need through funding from LINKIN PARK's Music For Relief organization in conjunction with Habitat For Humanity.

As of the end of May, according to the Music For Relief web site, the units' walls, windows, and exterior doors have been installed and the porch completed. All of the rough plumbing and electrical has been completed as well, with installation of exterior siding, furnaces, ceilings, insulation and drywall yet to come.

According to LINKIN PARK's web site, the house is being built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) specifications, "while staying true to Habitat's mission of making decent housing a matter of conscience and action."

Although LINKIN PARK started Music For Relief to help with clean-up efforts after the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, vocalist Mike Shinoda told The Pulse of Radio not long ago that the band has taken a much more pro-active stance with the organization. "We realized as we were in the studio with (2007 album) 'Minutes to Midnight' that we could do things not just on the back end, on the clean-up, relief kind of end, but hopefully be proactive and combat global warming on other fronts, so that we wouldn't have to have as many, hopefully, catastrophes and be doing the kind of clean-up that we were already involved in," he said.

LINKIN PARK is currently in the studio working with producer Rick Rubin on its fourth album, which is expected to arrive later this year or early in 2011.

Linkin Park or Simple plan?

“In this farewell, there’s no blood, there’s no alibi. ‘Cause I’ve drawn regret from the truth, of a thousand lies. So let mercy, come and wash away… What I’ve done. I’ll face myself, to cross out what I’ve become. Erase myself, and let go of what I’ve done.” These lyrics are part of one of Linkin Park’s most popular songs.

Linkin Park is a rock band that is well known with not only the students at San Benito High School but also some of the teachers. The band consists of Chester Bennington on lead vocals, Mike Shinoda as vocals, guitar, and keyboard, Rob Bourdon as drummer, Brad Delson as lead guitarist, David “ Phoenix” Farrell as bass guitarist, and Joe Hahn on turntables and programming. They have released three albums and are working on a fourth. The album names are “Hybrid Theory,” “Meteora,” and “Minutes to Midnight.” Linkin Park has been together since 1996 and released “Hybrid Theory” in 2000.

A band other students at SBHS, that aren’t into rap and hard rock, would listen to Simple Plan. Simple Plan is well known for their songs “Perfect” and “Addicted.” Simple Plan has released three albums; “No Pads, No Helmet,…Just Balls,” “Still Not Getting Any…,” and “Simple Plan.” Simple Plan released their first album in 2002.

They are a punkish rock band but know how to sing a love song such as “I Can Wait Forever.”

Simple Plan’s members are Pierre Bouvier on lead vocals, David Desrosiers as bass guitarist, Jeff Stinco as lead guitarist, Sebastien Lefebvre as guitarist, and Chuck Comeau as drummer.

When students were asked which band is better, Simple Plan or Linkin Park, there were different responses to why the band they chose is better.

Freshman Maura Forbush said, “Simple Plan, because they don’t scream and yell.”

Freshman Nathan Rendon said, “Simple Plan, because they don’t scream.”

Freshman Emily Solano said, “Linkin Park, because they’re awesome and they have a rapper and a screamer.”

Senior Angie Scalione said, “Linkin Park because they’re more popular.”

Freshman Briana Castaneda said, “Linkin Park because they have good instrumentals.”

Sputnik Music, a music reviewing site, said, “Linkin Park took the nu mental genre combined it with rapping vocals, and made it radio friendly style while still remaining a well layered band with contemplative lyrics and powerful songs that can be enjoyed by people in of all different ages.”