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Transkrip Chat Joe Hahn di LPU Dini Hari Tadi

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Joe Hahn melakukan chat di LPU pada 1 Oktober 11:30AM PST atau sekitar 01.30 WIB dini hari tadi. Berikut adalah transkiripnya :

dari >> Screenshot chat 1 & Screenshot chat 2.

-nope! please pass more

-we considered making a movie about the fukk experience, it didn't end up working out thought. (Movie tentang ATS)

-ATS - I don't have a favorite. there are things about the each song that makes them very special in their own way

-right now the catalyst is really fun to play live

-when they come from me and wratches and king are also fun to play

-SURU - nothing palanned yet.

-stay tuned.

dari member LPU, Kikkaa

Today,during the LPU chat with Mr Hahn,i ask he one thing,and he reply me,and i'm so happy about this.

My question was:have you ever thought of doing a Reanimation 2.0?would be nice to mix songs from Meteora, MT and ATS...mine was seems like this.And he reply me:"reanimation 2... no. we don't want to repeat the same thing. if we do a remix album, it would take on a different form than reanimation did. i don't think we would do that same thing twice".Now i can claim to be made **

dari member LPU, Helgasth

Right now the catalyst is really fun to play live Wretches and kings and when they come for me too

Clip of waiting for the end on the way... It's gonna look like a digital representation of us in a black void

Live dvd... i'm sure there will be something at some point. haven't planned it yet though

My favorite video game right now is halo reach.

Hybrid theory anniversary... it already passed, so we missed the boat on that one. we put out a thousand suns to celebrate.

I'm so excited to play in Argentina.


dari member LPU, Papercut456

Hi,This is the Joe Hahn's answer at my Question (Thank You LP You're Amazing :D )

Papercut456 scrive: Hi, first congratulations for "A Thousand Suns". How old were you when you've learned to play your instruments (turntables, sampler etc.)? Thanks :)

mrhahn1 scrive: I learned DJing after high school.

Thanks to Kikkaa, Helgasth, and Papercut456

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