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Review Pre-listening 'A Thousand Suns'

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Ini adalah suatu review salah satu member LPU Evan Montgomery, yang mengikuti ATS Pre-listening event yang diadakan do Los Angeles. Dia mengatakan bahwa single Linkin Park selanjutnya adalah "Waiting For The End".

"1. The Requiem - This song is funny because it's actually Mike singing. I'm not saying what he sounds like, but when you hear it and think "Mike Shinoda" you can't help but laugh.

2. The Radiance - Interlude, kind of meh.

3. Burning In The Skies - This song. This song caught me from the start. The lyrics are real deep (to me) and I still remember them: "Swimming through the smoke of the bridges I have burned / Dont apologize / I'm losing what I don't deserve"

4. Empty Spaces - Another interlude. Sounds of crickets and marching and gun battles (like civil war)

5. When They Come For Me - I don't remember this song much but Chester had some amazing lyrics going on in this song.

6. Robot Boy - A really strong song. Mike sings in this one and its kind of like hes yelling at a little kid.

7. Jornada Del Muerto - An interlude. Kind of depressing because I was looking forward to this song a lot.

8. Waiting For The End - The next single. Kind of forgot about this song now though. =\

9. Blackout - Dear god. Chester screams his face off in this song. Its amazing. The last part of the song is awkward though on first listen. It transitions into a different sound and you think its the next track, but isn't.

10. Wretches And Kings - Oh dear lord. If you don't play this song at max volume then you can't judge it. Mikes rapping is ridiculous. Chester's singing is ridiculous. This song will MELT FACE LIVE.

11. Wisdom, Justice, And Love - Another interlude. This one is of a speech by MLK which gets more distorted as it goes on which leads into...

12. Iridescent - This is one of my favorite songs. It has some epic drumming (think Across the line / TLTGYA build up drumming) along with some sweet chanting, I guess? Really drew me in.

13. Fallout - Another interlude, but this one I liked. Mike took Chester's lyrics from "Burning in the Skies" (the lyrics from above) sang them, then distorted his voice. I thought it was cool.

14. The Catalyst - Lol you know.

15. The Messenger - Starts with acoustic guitar, then Chester singing with acoustic guitar, then some piano?"

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Review Pre-listening 'A Thousand Suns' Review Pre-listening 'A Thousand Suns' Reviewed by Adelia on 9:15:00 PM Rating: 5

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