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Transkrip Interview BBC Radio 1 Dengan Chester

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Zane: - Time for me to catch up with someone who I haven't spoken to in a long time. First guy in Linkin Park I ever met. Chester Bennington. Chester you're on with Zane.

Chester: - Hello.

Zane:- Helloooo.

Chester:- [in Australian accent] Hello Zane.

Zane:- Hello mate. It's been such a long time since I've spoken to you dude.

Chester:- It has been. It has. How have you been?

Zane:- Yeah. Life is good man. What are you doing? Are you on speakerphone now?

Chester:- I am. I'm driving and it's illegal in California for you to drive with your phone in your hand.

Zane:- So, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. We got the news only a couple of days ago that you've got this new track called The Catalyst and we've got plenty of time to talk because I know that there are fans all over the world who are just itching to hear this. So, we're going to introduce it right now. The first official single from the new Linkin Park album called A Thousand Suns. It's called The Catalyst. It's out officially on September 6th. We have Chester on the phone now after this but right now - world wide exclusive. Let's go!

[The Catalyst plays]

Zane:- So there you go man. The first time I heard that I was pleasantly suprised. Not that I wasn't expecting quality Chester but you know, it's a real, it's a different sound from you guys, there's less guitars. It's sort of more driving on a rhythm. It's up in tempo. It's got a lot of momentum. Was it a fun song to record?

Chester:- It was a fun song to record. Yeah. You know, this song was really, it was a really interesting song because it is all of those things that you said it is. You know, there's, the guitars are more textural, they come in later in the song. It's what drives it, the track are the rhythms. The electronic side is just really aggressive and heavy and what I also love about it is the fact that it is just like this constant chant that just keeps repeating. And I feel like, lyrically, like it doesn't matter where you come from, it doesn't matter what part of the world you are from, I feel like you can relate to it. To the words. You know, like it means something to you. And so, another interesting thing that we did on this record is Mike - his vocals have become really strong and so on The Catalyst, you'll hear that I might not sound like myself in parts thats because of Mike's singing. And so we blended the vocals to kind of fade in and out of going from Mike to me, back to Mike and then back to me. It's a very cool thing that we've done on this record.

Zane:- To me, when I heard it, you know, it's such a good run over the last bunch of albums that it felt to me like you came back. Like, had to be different and had to be, you trying different things. Always in the studio, you've always pushed the boundaries in the studio. Along with Rick Ruben, if this has anything to go by, It sounds like you guys are really trying a lot of different stuff.

Chester:- We are. And, you know, our intention is always to recreate or, not recreate but kind of come up with something new that we haven't heard before. Tha'ts a really challenging thing. Especially since, human nature, at least from my experience has always been a kind of "Oh this is working, we should keep doing this". You know. So for us, its kind of working really well or lets not try that. I have to take my hat off to Mike Shinoda. He really is the driving force in creatively music wise. People are always asking me what our secret is and I usually don't tell them because I don't want them to talk to Mike. I really think he is the most talented person I've ever met and I think he is probably the most talented song writer we have in the industry right now.

Zane:- So there it is, Linkin Park fans. Are you happy? We have more from Chester Bennington right through the week and you will be hearing the Catalyst again.

Maaf tidak diterjemahkan terlebih dahulu, Anda bisa mengunakan Google Translate.... ^_^v

Terima kasih pada XX_GEMMALP_XX atas transkripnya...

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