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Mike : Detail & Jawaban Dari Pertanyaan ATS Pre-Order

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Alrightee folks. The pre-order for A THOUSAND SUNS is here. I wanted to take a minute to give you some more details about the stuff and answer some questions.

1.) With any purchase, you get the digital version of the album FOR FREE. Yes, even if you buy the skate deck or the tee shirt, you get the album free. You also get early access to concert tickets to our shows (which means you’ll get better seats).

2.) The DVD included in the first two items is called MEETING OF A THOUSAND SUNS. It’s the best documentary of a Linkin Park album ever made. I’m not just saying that. It’s the best everrrrr.

3.) The Deluxe Box Set includes the CD, DVD, the album on two vinyl records, a print of the album art (for your wall, if you so desire), and a HARDCOVER BOOK. The book is NOT just the album booklet, blown up bigger. It’s a special book, designed for and only included with the box set. And by the way…the Regular CD, Mid-level CD/DVD, and the Box Set will all have different art booklets.

4.) Q: “When do I get everything?”
A: The second it becomes available from us to you (aka the earliest time possible in the known universe, as determined by the Sun, Earth, gravity, the speed of light, and Warner Bros. Records). In the meantime, we’ll be sending you guys a couple other things, just for fun: video clips, early snippets, who knows? But the bottom line is, you get more when you order from us directly. All you do is enter your email address when you check out, and we’ll email you a link to the stuff (such as: The Catalyst, A Thousand Suns) the moment it is ready for download.

5.) Q: I’m afraid to give my email address. Is it safe?
A: Ask the members of LPU. We don’t spam, and we treat our members with respect–we don’t sell or give away your info. In fact, my own email address is on the list, so I know the list doesn’t get compromised!

…I hope that clears up the basic questions about the pre-order on If you haven’t already, feel free to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere you go online. Thanks for your support…we can’t wait for you to hear A THOUSAND SUNS.

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