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A Thousand Suns is the tentative name of the fourth studio album by the rock band Linkin Park. It is set to be released in September 2010.

Musical style

Mike Shinoda stated in an interview with IGN that the new album will have in comparison to Minutes to Midnight a bigger "thread of consistency" and will also be more experimental and "hopefully more cutting-edge". Additionally Shinoda often mentioned in interviews, that the new album was recorded with the aim to be "genre-busting".
The other vocalist of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, described A Thousand Suns on his twitter account as a very complex album with many hip hop elements and a heavy but also melodic sound. He also mentioned in the same tweet, that the album will combine elements of Hybrid Theory and Minutes to Midnight.


Some of the dates have already been announced for the tour in support of the album. The tour will most likely begin early October. A few revealed concerts include Berlin, England and Austria.


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