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Linkin Park Cheer About Challenging New Album

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Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has gushed about their challenging forthcoming album.

A Thousand Suns will be the first Linkin Park album since 2007, even though members have been producing ancillary material, like Bennington’s Dead By Sunrise side project and Mike Shinoda’s work on the soundtrack to Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Despite suggesting in 2008 that A Thousands Suns might be a concept album, Bennington has revealed to Rolling Stone that it covers a wide range of topics (from the recession to the Middle East) and might be “something a little more challenging”.

Linkin Park worked with Rick Rubin again, following his producing work on their 2007 album Minutes To Midnight, which saw them step away slightly from their patented rap-rock hybrid.

Bennington said, “This time we realized it doesn't matter what the songs sound like. If we like it and it comes from us, it's Linkin Park.”

A Thousand Suns is set for a September 14 release, preceded by the first single ‘The Catalyst’ on August 2.

And Bennington said he was so excited with the work, he’d like to do a quick 50 show world tour and then head straight back into the studio. We’ll see if the fans will let them do that.

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