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Transkrip Chat Mike di LPU Tadi Subuh

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Tadi subuh sekitar pukul 04.00 WIB, Mike Shinoda melakukan chat di LPU.
Saya menemukan transkrip ini di LPAmerican.

mshinoda says: The puzzles have something to do with the new album.
mshinoda says: spraypaint is a sourpuss...OK dude, give me one question or whatever that you'd like me to answer.
mshinoda says: BTW, if anyone says LP is a sellout / commercial band, do this:
mshinoda says: ask them who their favorite band is.
mshinoda says: ask them if that band sells their albums, concert tickets, and merchandise.
mshinoda says: if the answer is "yes," then they are commercially profiting off of their art. The only way to be a truly "non-commercial" band is to do everything for free.
mshinoda says: Many times, people use the "credibility" card to justify the fact that they can't seem to reach the mainstream.
mshinoda says: I'm outta here
mshinoda says: Enjoy the next puzzle when it arrives at

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