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Linkin Park - Improvisation

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This is My Mixtape:

Contain Many Various Performance Tracks that have many Intros/Outros

01.One Step Closer(Linkingabo Version)
02.Breaking The Habit(Extended Intro)
03.By Myself(Ajishinoda Version)
04.With You(Ajishinoda Version)
05.Don't Stay(Reanitheory Version)
06.From The Inside(Extended Intro)
07.Given Up(Extended Outro)
08.Lying From You(Extended Intro)
09.No More Sorrow(Extended Intro
10.One Step Closer(Reanitheory Version)
11.One Step Closer(Extended Intro)
12.Papercut(Extended Intro)
13.Points Of Authority(Reanitheory Version)
14.Points Of Authority(Extended intro)
15.Somewhere I Belong(Short Intro)
17.A Place For My Head(Extended Intro+Scracth)

Download : HERE

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