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hmm. rada telat sih ya, gan.. tapi ngga apa-apa deh ya, buat share info ;)


*** (22:08):Welcome to Linkin Park Underground , mshinoda !

mshinoda says to (22:09): YAY
mshinoda says to (22:09): All good. Whats going on here?
ShadowerLiltani says to (22:10): Mike….. are you at all in the mood for one question? It has nothing to do with the following: 8 bit rebellion, new album, touring, fort minor, or your hair
mshinoda says to (22:11): go ahead
ShadowerLiltani says to (22:11): You once said that you just wanted to be heard. Based on that, which do you value more? One person hearing your music, or one thousand people hearing your music? (Thank you)
mshinoda says to (22:11): I don’t know what I was talking about in particular re: being heard.
ShadowerLiltani says to (22:12): The lyrics in remember the name
mshinoda says to (22:12): If it was one person, it would matter which one. If it was one thousand, it would matter which ones.
zara19 says (22:12): Mike did you find out about the Shinoda ninjas?
LPpepper says to (22:13): Hey mike, out of curiosity what file format do you use for your itunes? Im an audio production nerd so I’m curious what works best for you
mshinoda says to (22:13): I saw you ninjas
zara19 says (22:13): YAY! were you impressed?
mshinoda says to (22:13): Are you like the ninjas they refer to on the SNL ICP skits?
mshinoda says to (22:13): LOL
zara19 says (22:14): Ive never seen SNL,I think it gets shown in England at some crazy time
mshinoda says to (22:14): :S
//people go on about vampires for ages.
mshinoda says to (22:15):
marcusjehrlander says to mshinoda (22:16): Do you plan on visitng Sweden after the new album is out? Would love to see you here.
mshinoda says to (22:16): I plan on visiting all over the place when the album is out.

Linkin_Park_Fan809 says to (22:16): Hey Mike, finally buy that Rise Up album?
mshinoda says to (22:16): Yes, I bought Rise Up. The album is cool–a lot of different sounds.
Anstice says to (22:16): HAHAA Okay, Andrea, so you know how you aren’t supposed to take food into the theater from outside?
ShadowerLiltani says to mshinoda (22:17): Okay, which is more awesome? The Badger Song, or All Your Base are Belong to Us?
Anstice says to (22:17): But yes – about the outside food in the theater. They always bitch and moan at you not to bring in your own outside food.
mshinoda says to (22:17): Is there an All You Base… song?
ShadowerLiltani says to (22:17): yes, there is an all your base
mshinoda says to (22:18): Bringin food in the theatre is ghetto and awesome
mshinoda says to (22:18): I do it when I don’t want to eat a garbage bag full of M&Ms
zara19 says (22:18): Mike I found some about this on gratitude book thing, can you give us any more info? Sounds great
mshinoda says to (22:19): Gratitude book = something that some dude asked me to do. Benefits charity and promotes MFR, so I was happy to do it. I answered some ?s about the theme (gratitude)
mshinoda says to (22:20): Check out how I used to eat in college:
mshinoda says to (22:20): I had no money, so I’d eat breakfast at home, but I had to eat lunch at school, and I wanted to minimie the cost–when $$ got tight,
mshinoda says to (22:21): I’d eat 2 bread rolls w butter (free), a water (free), and a few samplers of their ice cream (free), which came in the little cups they somtimes put ketchup in.
mshinoda says to (22:22): Ramen for dinner ($0.99)
mshinoda says to (22:22): I didn’t do it that often–can’t live on that stuff.
mshinoda says to (22:23): oh yeah, maybe ramen was $0.49 — I was thinking McDonalds cheeseburgers. Also a staple.
mshinoda says to (22:23): hello
mshinoda says to (22:24): Watch Fast Food Nation or SuperSize Me…you’ll never want to eat that *** again
mshinoda says to (22:24): poo poo in the meat.
mshinoda says to (22:24): McDoodies.
mshinoda says to (22:25): yep
EpicLinkinPark says to (22:25): Oh Mike did you fgo to the Laker Game?
mshinoda says to (22:25): I go to most of the home games
mshinoda says to (22:25): the Lakers CRUSHED OKC
mshinoda says to (22:26): Lakers / Cavs finals would be legendary.
mshinoda says to (22:26): anyway…
Josephq says to (22:27): what about los angeles n orlando?
Linkin_Park_Fan809 says to (22:27): Mike, what’s your name in 8 Bit Rebellion? you said you would tell us? or is it too soon…?
mshinoda says to (22:27): Lakers / Magic would be 2nd best
mshinoda says to (22:28): I might be mshinoda on 8BR. Maybe…
mshinoda says to (22:28): I went around poking everyone the other day.
LPpepper says to mshinoda (22:28): my favorite part of the game BY FAR is joe in the strip club LOL
mshinoda says to (22:28): …That sounded weird…
mshinoda says to (22:29): I wasn’t the one who added the “stripping Joe” to the game. That was the Artificial Life team.
mshinoda says to (22:29): funny, though.
ShenziSixaxis says to (22:29): Mike, when are you coming out with the Mikon camera?
Anstice says to (22:29): Okay, something I can’t figure out though. I beat the game and it didn’t give me the “beating the game” trophy.
mshinoda says to (22:29): Mikon, ha
mshinoda says to (22:30): There’s no beating the game trophy, but you do get LP dolls for your virtual apartment
Josephq says to (22:30): mike what is the meaning behind “valentines Day”?
mshinoda says to (22:30): I forget.
mshinoda says to (22:31): JK
mshinoda says to (22:31): I wrote most of Valentines Day
Josephq says to (22:31): really?
Josephq says to (22:31): tell us about that
mshinoda says to (22:31): But what did you think it was about?
Josephq says to (22:31): someone loosing someone ore a brake up
mshinoda says to (22:32): It’s a song about a dead ferret named Leroy.
mshinoda says to (22:33): It’s actually about a burnt french fry named Leroy.
mshinoda says to (22:33): “My insides all turned to black…”
LPpepper says to mshinoda (22:33): why wasn’t No Roads left on the album? its just such a ***in good track!
mshinoda says to (22:34): No Roads Left was on the deluxe versions
mshinoda says to (22:34): right
Josephq says to (22:34): do u own a telecaster?
mshinoda says to (22:34): I don’t like to tell people what the songs are about. I like your versions better
mshinoda says to (22:34): I have a strat and a tele
mshinoda says to (22:35): my Tele is a late 50’s one (I think?)
mshinoda says to (22:35): maybe 60s
LPpepper says to (22:35): Mike, do you like muse as much as chester? XD lol
ShadowerLiltani says to mshinoda (22:35): It reminds me of that book by Stephen King… the name of which I still cannot remember (Yeah, that’s me, I post on your blog under the name Alexandra Nofi, ha)
mshinoda says to (22:36): I do not like Muse as much as Chester. They’re cool though.
mshinoda says to (22:36): Stephen King = The Dark Half
zara19 says (22:36): Do you like English bands??
mshinoda says to (22:36): There are a bunch of scenes with Blackbirds
mshinoda says to (22:36): Dark Half = great book, awful movie
mshinoda says to (22:37): I probably like English bands, but I don’t know which bands are English.
mshinoda says to (22:37): Who are some good English bands?
Anstice says to (22:37): Another movie I hated: The Happening.
mshinoda says to (22:38): ACK !THE HAPPENING! AWFUL.
mshinoda says to (22:38): The Crappening
mshinoda says to (22:38): I left.
mshinoda says to (22:38): I couldn’t take it. I almost never walk out of movies.
zara19 says (22:38): Oasis, Kasabian, Muse, you like Dizzee Rascal right? Reverend And The Makers are cool
zara19 says (22:40): I cant think of any more now, we know you like The Cure. How about The Smiths?
mshinoda says to (22:40): The Cure = legendary
mshinoda says to (22:40): Depeche Mode too
zara19 says (22:41): Seriously, I could listen to teh cure all day
mshinoda says to (22:41): Blasphemous Rumours
mshinoda says to (22:41): “…but I think that God’s got a sick sense of humor / and when I die, I expect to find him laughing…”
mshinoda says to (22:42): They’re one of the only bands that can get away with being that dramatic and dark, and it’s still believable
Josephq says to (22:43): mike shinoda should be james bond
Josephq says to (22:43): shinoda… mike shinoda
mshinoda says to (22:43): ha
mshinoda says to (22:44): alright ninjas, I gotta go…
mshinoda says to (22:44): Have fun
mshinoda says to (22:44):
Thanks! bye
*** (22:44):mshinoda lost connection, left the room
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