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  • Phoenix's real name is David Michael Farrell
  • Phoenix's birthdate is February 2, 1977
  • Phoenix is married (12-28-2002)
  • Phoenix was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • Phoenix grew up in Massachusetts but later moved to Mission Viejo, CA, and now lives in LA.
  • After moving to CA, he joined a band in high school called 'Tasty Snax'. The band later changed their name to 'The Snax'
  • While Phoenix was with The Snax he transitioned from guitar to bass guitar and stayed with it ever since.
  • As previously mentioned, Phoenix was the original bass player in Xero.
  • Phoenix  played with Xero until he decided to tour with The Snax for a year and a half and then came back to Linkin Park.
  • Snax was/is a band from Orange County, CA. They are a Christian punk band. 
  • Phoenix was taught how to play guitar by his mom, his greatest inspiration :)
  • Another inspiration to Phoenix is his older brother (Joe).
  • Phoenix is a graduate from UCLA.
  • Phoenix is also responsible for some of the song writing on the "Hybrid Theory" cd.
  • Phoenix loves Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream.
  • Phoenix prefers boxers instead of briefs.
  • Phoenix's favorite movie is Braveheart.
  • Phoenix's most humiliating experience on stage is slipping and falling in front of everyone.
  • Phoenix moved away from Massachusetts to CA when he was just 5. 
  • Phoenix's Schools & Mascots : Montevideo Mountaineers, La Paz Caballeros, Mission Viejo Diablos, UCLA Bruins.
  • Phoenix likes to play soccer and snow board.
  • Phoenix likes: Weezer, Beatles, Deftones, Roots, Bob Marley, Sarah McLaughlin, Hughes & Wagner, Harrod & Funck.
  • Phoenix wishes he could play the drums.
  • Phoenix's advice is to take naps.
  • Phoenix's favorite food is Mexican
  • Phoenix was raised in a Catholic family until 2nd grade... then went to a protestant church.
  • When they were first starting out Phoenix and Brad were college room-mates so they would drive to practice together.
  • Phoenix has played lots of instruments including the violin and cello. In fact, he plays both those instruments on the Reanimation album.
  • Phoenix says that prince Ali from Aladin is the cartoon character that represents him best, although he'd say Simba but he's a lion so that doesn't work.
  • Phoenix was asked which Lp member he would eat if he was stuck on a desert island and he said: "I don't know who I'd eat first, but Brad would be last... he's all bone and grissle."
  • Phoenix likes and plays the Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 4 and 5 string basses.
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