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Misteri Logo LP di Video"Blackbirds"

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"Usblackbird: So I beat 8-bit rebellion, and I was noticing around 1:30ish in the Blackbirds video there is a promotional poster of some kind from 2008 with a picture of a red knight holding a shield with an LP emblem. Now, after I doubletook, I inspected it a little closer and realized it looks like the the Lordaeron crest from the Warcraft series lol.

Here's a snapshot of what it looks like (sorry for the bad quality...):

Unfortunately I can't find a decent picture of that poster on the net (not even on Mike's blog of the Projekt Revolution promo posters). Granted, I only looked for a whole 10 minutes :P

Ternyata yang tampak seperti logo LP tersebut adalah emblem pada Game"Warcraft"

Poster tersebut terdapat pada waktu konser Projekt Revolution Tour 2008

Misteri Logo LP di Video"Blackbirds" Misteri Logo LP di Video"Blackbirds" Reviewed by Aji Shinoda on 8:21:00 PM Rating: 5

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