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Dari blognya Mike Shinoda

Tampaknya, Mike Shinoda bosan atau kesal dengan pertanyaan "when is the album coming out?". Lalu kemudian Mike menjawab "it looks like it will be out sometime in 2050. "
Mike sekarang sudah tidak mempunyai ketertarikan berkonsentrasi lagi pada musik Nu Metal sejak tahun 2005.
Liat saja selengkapnya :

zah: when will be da album come out? seriously is it 2012???

M: We’ve decided to push the album back one day for every time we get asked “when is the album coming out.” So, based on the comments here on alone, it looks like it will be out sometime in 2050. Thanks for your help.

LP4ever: Mike respect bruv and thanx for the game !! but can u leave the gaming world now and reconcentrate ON YOUR NU=METAL MUSIC MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: You’re welcome for the game. And I haven’t had an interest in concentrating on nu metal since about 2005.

(post #1) adaminator1: GODDAMN STOP POSTING F*CKING EMBEDS IN THE COMMENTS. Mike, you should disable that feature. Like, permanantly. People get confused.

(post #2) adam: What ADAMINATOR1 said. I don’t know what I’m most sick of – the kid with the covers or you people for continuously posting them on every comment section.

M: Are you really two different people? I hope so, because if you’re one person posting as two people with the same name, that’s just plain weird. And I agree, the spamming, videos, and music links in the comments section are lame. I have some folks who are supposed to be moderating, but they…forgot.

Others: Why aren’t you posting any studio updates?

M: Because we’re really busy in the studio right now. I’m doing some test mixes of some songs, to see what they might sound like finished, and to see if the guys like my mixes. It’s called a shootout. For those unfamiliar with mixing, look here. Our engineer Ethan and I are teaming up to mix some stuff, and a couple other mixers are mixing the same songs. We’ll put all the mixes together on a CD–with no names–and see which mixes the band likes best, just based on the sound. It’ll be really funny if I pick someone else’s mix.
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  1. Can share one album mixing which me very good


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